The family drama escalates in the new season of Bergdoktor

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Der Bergdoktor will advance to the next stage on December 22. ZDF has already released a trailer for eight new episodes in advance. The trailer promises high drama in the Gruber household.

Ellmau – 2022 before it ends, viewers can look forward to a real television spectacle. Because on December 22 celebrates the 16th season of the popular ZDF home series “Mountain Doctor” with Hans Sigl (53) and Ronja Forcher (26), the premiere once again promises breathtaking mountain scenery, nerve-wracking patient cases and great feelings. Since 2008 February 6 the new edition of the cult series of the same name generates sensational ratings and attracts young and old with each new adventure in cozy TV evenings.

Mountains, valleys and lots of emotions: ZDF presents the first preview of the new Bergdoktor season

In an effort to sweeten the wait for the eagerly awaited eight new episodes, ZDF has pre-released the first trailer, which gives fans a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect at the end of the month. The 90-second clip is interspersed with fantastic shots of filming locations in the Wilder Kaiser region, a paradise of green meadows and snow-capped mountains, introducing some new faces and promising plenty of turmoil and emotionally charged family drama.

Also part of the latest issue Bergdoktors, which will also feature the star of Red Roses, of course, again Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl), his daughter Lilli (Ronja Forcher), brother Hans (Heiko Ruprecht, 50) and mother Elisabeth (Monika Baumgartner, 71). After the momentous final moments of last season, when Franziska (Simone Hanselmann, 43) and Anne (Ines Lutz, 39) left Gruberhof, the colorful troupe is by no means careless.

The "Red Roses" star stars in the new season

Martin has a hard time saying goodbye to two people who are so important to him, Lilli tries to reorient himself professionally, and the family farm and Grubermilch are in danger when a representative from the cooperative bank arrives and announces: “I think we should talk about a few things.”

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“You never did our family any good”: Caro and Martin’s conflict in Bergdoktor

The main focus should be the arrival of Caro Pfluger (Barbara Lanz, 39), the sister of Hans Gruber’s deceased wife and Sonja, Lilli’s mother. Accompanied by her father Rolf (Wolfram Berger, 77), in the new episodes she gets closer to her niece, who, remembering one of the most shocking revelations of the Bergdoktor, stems from Sonja and Martin’s relationship. “You never did our family any good,” accuses the mountain doctor Caro, who in no way seeks family reunification.

From December 22, the new season of “Bergdoktor” will be broadcast on ZDF. In the eight episodes, there’s a lot of family drama in the Gruber household as Caro, Dr. Sonja, the late wife of Martin Gruber (Hans Sigl), arrives at the Gruberhof with a family secret. © ZDF / Erika Hauri (photo montage)

While Lilli’s parentage is certainly reason enough for the Grubers and Pflugers to conflict in the new season, it seems that the newcomers are also bringing an important family secret to court. Of course, what exactly it’s about is still top secret, but in a familiar moment, Lisbeth ominously informs Martin, “Hans must never know.” So the new Bergdoktor episodes seem to get straight to the point from the very first scene.

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Of course, there’s more than just drama and controversy on the agenda, as the two Gruber brothers share a warm sibling moment in the trailer. “You can always count on me, big brother,” Hans assures, sitting on the floor next to Martin. No matter what lies ahead and what adventures the family can expect from December 22: The Grubers stick together. When she’s not on camera, talk"shelf type": "Link", "shelf name":…

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