The fourth season of the dome show has been announced –

Once again, 21 singles embark on a search for the supposed “perfect match” for new episodes. Women and men need to figure out what works best for them. They are assisted by experts who are close to them. First of all, all contestants have to win dates where they can get close.

At the end of each doubles episode, the singles choose their ten perfect matches in a so-called Matching Night. Only later will you find out if you got it right. Those who choose the option of the so-called “Match Box” can immediately find out as a couple if they really are a “Perfect Match”. Only when everyone finds their ideal match do they finally win the sum of 200,000 euros together.

The 21 candidates for the fourth season are Aurelia (model from Ulm), Carina (influencer from Bylefeld), Caroline (retailer from Straubing), Dorna (cosmetologist from Cologne), Henna (student from Munich), Juliette (fitness trainer from Leipzig). , Larissa (hairdresser from Stuttgart), Stefanie (gastronomist from Augsburg), Valeria (industrial worker from Lahr), Vanessa (educator and masseuse from Hamburg), Barkin (educator from Duisburg), Burim (artist from Mollis, Switzerland), Cris ( freight forwarder from Hamburg), Deniz (self-employed in the communications industry from Innsbruck, Austria), Joel (property consultant from Recklinghausen), Ken (product researcher from Mainz), Kenneth (financial consultant from Hamburg), Maximilian (professional driver from Arnsberg), Pascal (personal trainer from Dusseldorf), Sasa (employee from Berlin) and Marwin (insurance salesman from Hamelin).

Are You Alone? was produced by RTL Studios. Filming took place in the summer in Greece. Additionally, a live preview of the streaming service was announced on November 29.

Teaser reveals: The new season of Are You Alone will be so obvious

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