The new Jungle Camp season runs one day longer than usual

die jungle campfans will definitely get their money’s worth in 2023! The popular reality TV format is about to enter its next phase. A few hours ago, the start date was finally announced: Already on January 13 stars move to the Australian bush to face various challenges. However, there is an important innovation for the coming season: This jungle camp open one day longer than usual!

It reports now quota meter. In recent years, the grand final has flashed on TV screens mostly on Saturdays. However, in the new season, the final will take place just one day later, on Sunday, January 29. January 30 participants will meet in the tree house as usual and review the season again.

Any VIPs up for the challenge this time? The broadcaster has RTL not officially announced yet. So far, only this is clear Lukas Kordalis (55) will move to the camp, as he was unfortunately unable to participate in the previous season due to illness. The show will be moderated again Sonja Zietlow (54) – but not together with Daniel Hartwich (44), but with Jan Koppen (39).

Dr. Bob, the jungle camp doctor
Sonja Zietlow, Jungle Camp Leader

Hofer, Günter / ActionPress

Lucas Cordalis, singer

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