The start date for the new season of The Geissens has been set

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Die Geissens is one of the most popular reality formats on German television. Because the luxurious lives of Robert, Carmen, Shania and Davina Geiss inspire viewers. in 2023 The TV family will return with new episodes.

Monaco – glamour, glitter and lots of money – that’s what the world is like a goat describe Robert (58) and Carmen Geiss (57) well. Together with their daughters Davina, 19, and Shania, 18, the adorable couple live a life of luxury in the glamorous coastal metropolis of Monaco, where yachts and designer clothes are the order of the day. They prove that they don’t hide their wealth, both with their glamorous pictures on social networks and with their own reality formats, in which they steal hordes of loyal fans to their noble kingdom.

Glamorous Adventures: RTLZWEI Announces Return of Die Geissens to TV

Robert and Carmen Geiss had their first television experiences in 2009. with “Goodbye Germany” and along with the VOX camera crews took me to the more or less understandable everyday obstacles at my home in Monaco. If they were just one of the many families there, since 2011 January 3 RTLZWEI is making a series with The Geisens – A Terrifyingly Charming Family just for that. the incredible estate of Robert Geiss and dedicated to his loved ones. And with sensational success: fans can’t get enough of the lifestyle and lavish parties of four super-rich people.

After a long wait, the time has finally come: 2023. on January 2, just in time to welcome the new year with great fanfare, the new Geissens season will begin. With an extremely low-key promotional photo of Robert and Co. posing on their yacht, RTLZWEI announced the happy news on Instagram and revealed a few details about the highly anticipated episodes. “Glamourous adventures between London, Istanbul and Dubai await self-made Rooobert, his vivacious wife Carmen and their daughters Davina and Shania,” the broadcaster promises in the caption.

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Robert’s competition: this is how much money the richest celebrities have

George Lucas: 10 billion euros

Steven Spielberg: 8 billion euros

Kanye West: 4 billion euros

Oprah Winfrey: 3.5 billion euros

Jami Gertz: 3 billion euros


‘The year can only be good’: Fans react to Die Geissens’ new season

As expected, Geissens’ upcoming TV comeback is causing a wave of enthusiasm online. “The year can only be good,” says an Instagram fan, “Monday finally makes sense again,” does the same for him. Despite all the excitement over the upcoming start of streaming, there are also a few less euphoric voices on the video platform. “Too bad for good air,” writes one user scornfully, while another alludes to the alleged manipulation of a press photo: “Is that a Carmen double?” Who is this woman?”

It’s no wonder that Robert and Carmen Geiss have divided public opinion with their extravagant lifestyle and appearance. Despite this, hordes of loyal followers are eagerly waiting for new insights into their lives, and are crammed onto the couch in January on a TV night when “Roooooobert” is said again. The last one Robert Geiss also revealed why the Geisens once left Goodbye Germany. is. Sources used: Instagram/rtlzwei & carmengeiss_1965,

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