The Voice of Germany 2022: It’s the New Coaches – Episode 12 September 23

in 2022 “Voice of Germany” Mark Forster, only one of the four coaches last season, spoke again about Germany’s singing talents. One of the three new trainers is celebrating his premiere on the popular selection show. However, two well-known favorites of the show will also return to the coaching chairs. Here you will find all the information about the four coaches of the 12th season of “The Voice”.

  • There are four judges in total “Voice of Germany” 2022 on red swivel chairs and at first hears only the candidates.
  • It’s only when the new coaches hit the buzzer and turn their chair around that they can see who’s playing on stage.
  • Starting in August, Mark Forster and three other coaches will be searching for “Voice of Germany” in 2022. September 23 Episode 12 will be broadcast on Sat.1 and streaming.

From 2022 August. it will sound again: “This is the voice of Germany”! Every Thursday on ProSieben and Fridays on Sat.1, the season’s four coaches look for Germany’s biggest singing talents. The motto of this year’s coaches is “Learn from the best”. These great artists are the twelfth season of “The Voice”. including: Peter Maffay (72), Stephanie Kloss (37), Rhea Garvey (49) and Mark Forster (39). By the way, very privately: do you already know them Rhea Garvey’s wife?

Also back: Mark Forster as coach on The Voice of Germany 2022

Old hand in 2022 in the program “Voice of Germany”. Mark Forster. The singer and songwriter participated in several seasons. He has been on the coaching staff since 2017, but from 2015 to 2019. he also sat on one of The Voice Kids’ red chairs and pressed the buzzer. His hits are known: “Au Revoir”, which he produced together with Sido, or “Zu dir”, which he wrote together with Lea. He returns as the only one of the four coaches last season back for the call.

Return: Stefanie Kloß “Voice of Germany” 2022

Stefanie Kloß has proven several times in the past on “Voice of Germany” that she is totally for women’s power! Now the men in the group need to dress warmly as Silbermond’s frontwoman returns to the coach’s chair. In 2014 and 2015, the powerhouse shared the knowledge gained during her long career in the music business with German talents. in 2020 she returned to the general swivel chair for one season Yvonne Catterfeld (42) back. The “Symphonie” singer also served as a coach on The Voice Kids for several seasons. In 2022, “Voice of Germany” could appear again from “Team Stefanie”. Other coaches, given their experience, really need to dress warmly.

The Voice of Germany sweetheart Rea Garvey is back!

He is considered one of the cult coaches of “The Voice of Germany”: an Irish singer and guitarist. Rhea Garvey In 2022, he will take the seat in the coach’s chair for the seventh time. The former leader of Reamonn exudes the experience of “Voice of Germany”. When he last participated in 2020, he was able to work with Coach-Partner. Sam Haber (46) and Talent Paula Della Corte (20) even win the show. Can he build on this success in the 12th season of The Voice?

Coach: Peter Maffay seeks ‘Voice of Germany’ 2022

With 23 first albums and more than 50 million records sold, he is the most successful artist in the German charts! In 2022, singer Peter Maffay will take a seat in the coaching chair of “The Voice of Germany”. “Like The Voice, our new coach Peter Maffay bridges the generations: kids grow up with Tabaluga. Adults rock at his concerts. Welcome to #TVOG, Peter,” ProSieben and Sat.1 broadcaster Daniel Rosemann greeted the 72-year-old on the show. And Maffay himself seems to be looking forward to his participation:

I’ve always admired how many great talents choose “Deutschland” as a stepping stone to a musical career. I think it’s great to be able to help with this along with my colleagues. I am looking forward to good music in good company and many interesting meetings.

Peter Maffay

Which coach will eventually have the “Voice of Germany” in his team will be shown every Thursday on ProSieben and Fridays on Sat.1 from August.

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