The Voice of Germany – Season 12: All the important information about the 4 coaches – Today, Episode 12, 23.9.

It starts again. The twelfth season of “The Voice of Germany” is underway. From August 18 the popular show was broadcast alternately on ProSieben and Sat.1. The new season also brings new teams: here’s an overview of all the coaches!

  • The 12th season of “The Voice of Germany” began on August 18.
  • The musical show alternates between ProSieben and Sat.1 every Thursday and Friday.
  • New year, new teams: It’s 2022. “Voice of Germany” coaches. Today, September 23, episode 12 is broadcast on Sat.1 and im Stream.

The start signal for the twelfth season of “The Voice of Germany” has fallen! On Thursday, August 18, the popular music format began a new round. There’s plenty to listen to this year, too. But it’s not just talent that convinces on stage: teams can look forward to big stars as mentors! in 2022 #TVOG brings together 100 years of success in the music business!

Of course, we mean coaches. This year, the leader of Silbermond occupies the red chairs Stephanie Kloss (37), Rhea Garvey (49), Mark Forster (39) and Peter Maffay (72) place. The latter is celebrating the anniversary of his show: it will be his first season of “The Voice of Germany”. By the way, very privately: do you already know them Rhea Garvey’s wife?

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Stefanie Kloss (37 years old)

In the new season of “The Voice of Germany”, she provides the necessary girl power: Silbermond frontman and rock singer Stefanie Kloß. For the fourth time, the powerful voice will sit on one of the red chairs and shout about the best talents of the country. Stefanie was already part of the coaching staff in 2014, 2015 and 2020. The joy of this is immense. She reveals to ProSieben:

Once you’re part of The Voice family, it’s always fun to come back. What I love about this show is that it never gets boring. Blind auditions are always exciting, inspiring and surprising. You can’t plan it. For me, The Voice of Germany is still the biggest and most important music show in Germany.

Stephanie Kloss/ProSieben

Stefanie has been on the scene with her band Silbermond since 2004. After their debut album, the band quickly became one of the most commercially successful German bands. With hits like “Das Beste” and “Durch die Nacht”, Silbermond celebrated huge success. And fans of “Sing My Song – Exchange Concert” also know Stefanie: in 2017, she participated in the fourth season.

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Mark Forster (39)

For the sixth time in a row, singer-songwriter Mark Forster is sitting in the red swivel chair of “The Voice of Germany”. His goal for 2022: To finally win the Team Badge for the first time in his TVOG career. The musician who landed on the charts with hits like “Chore” and “Flash mich” is definitely in the mood for the new season. And, in contrast to 29 ProSieben it turned out, everything will change.

When Peter Maffay was the coach, the communication between the coaches became much more respectful, a little calmer and more intelligent. I think it’s an interesting season: you learn more about the talent and the coaches. For me, as a viewer, this would be the best season.

Mark Forster/ProSieben

Although he joked last year that his team was “The reservoir is for talentwhich don’t fit anywhere else,” he changed his tactics for the new season. Mark emphasized:

Maybe the classic feel of Team Mark has changed. Of course, colorful birds are still welcome, but my mindset this year is completely focused on winning. Team Mark shines with real quality this year.

Mark Forster/ProSieben

Coaches from
ProSieben/SAT.1 / Andrew Kowalski

Rea Garvey (49)

Rea is also a well-known face among the “Voice of Germany” coaches. He will fight for the victory for the seventh time and will try to snatch the best talent from under the noses of his competitors. Rea is also really hot for the new season. And the Irish musician would also like to have another win in his pocket, as he did recently in an interview with ProSieben emphasized.

i love the show i’m totally up to meet new people and immerse myself in the music all the time. It’s amazing how you can bond with other people through music. I think I do a good job as a coach, so I really enjoy it. I love my job! I have seen the series twice…

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