The Walking Dead Season 11B: Episode 9 brings you a bloody battle and Daryl’s shock!

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That’s how the fight with the Reapers ends

The second part of The Walking Dead season 11 has finally started. Episode 9 ends with a bloody battle with the Reapers and fans get a huge shock from Daryl!

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Episode 2: Maggie gets beat up in a fight.

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Episode 2: Maggie gets beat up in a fight. (Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC)

After the winter vacation passes “Walking Dead” picks up in Season 11 Episode 9 where the Part 1 finale left off AMCthe streak is over. Maggie and company battle the Reapers, with Leia taking command of the Reapers after secretly killing Pop and blaming Daryl for it.

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The fight continues until Maggie’s group finally manages to kill one of the high-ranking cutters, Carver. But before that, they negotiate a deal with Leia and the remaining two Reapers. They want to end the fight without further bloodshed and release Carver once the other reapers are far enough away. But things go wrong.

Leah calls her sniper, Jensen, to kill Maggie. However, Gabriel has already taken care of this, leaving Leia’s group at a distinct disadvantage. She agrees to leave Maggie and company alone. However, as they try to leave, Maggie shoots two Reapers, hitting Leia in the shoulder. But Leia still manages to escape. But not until Daryl makes it clear to her that he didn’t want it to end this way.

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The Walking Dead is back for Season 11. In Part 2, Carol and Co. get to know the true face of the Commonwealth.

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