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Lions are back on the hunt: The new season of the VOX Founders Show has a new face among investors. You can find all the information here.

It happened only in May last season of The Lion’s Den is over, now VOX fans can look forward to new episodes. The twelfth edition has a total of eight episodes. This time, a guest investor will also participate. Also, Georg Kofler and Ralf Dümmel make their first appearance as an investor duo – but only in the first episode.

All products and offers

Episode after episode of The Lion’s Den features startups from all industries. To make their products big or bigger, founders need financial support. Here’s an overview:


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Episode 3 (September 12, 2022):

Another folder from Suhl: Johannes Baumgart (19, from Geratal) and Valentin Steudte (19, from Suhl) came up with the idea for NextFolder when they were 15 years old, because the rigid metal rings of ordinary ring binders made it particularly difficult to write in them and bind them. multiple pages at once is difficult. – We replaced rigid metal rings with flexible plastic rings. In order to establish NextFolder on the market, Johannes and Valentin need 80,000 euros and offer 30 percent of their company’s shares.

trivia from Bad Krozingen: Olympic track cycling champion Kristina Vogel (31), a paraplegic after a serious training accident, represents the lion along with founders Dr. Christine Pflaumbaum (38), Wolf Dietrich Pflaumbaum (71) and Christian Czapek (72) presented the trivid, a split wheelchair bike designed to make it easier to get in and out of a wheelchair. The founders need 1,000,000 euros and offer ten percent of their company’s shares.

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MangoMates from Berlin: Marcel Martin (39) would like to “get a sense of taste” together with Dayan Estrada (35) and start MangoSpaghetti in Germany. They are traditionally eaten with freshly squeezed lime and salt. Her offer: 100,000 euros for 15 percent of the company’s shares.

MÉMOIRE cosmetics from Bordelum: Levke (36) and Björn (39) Lorenzen present a special skin care product. MÉMOIRE Cosmetics gives each mother the opportunity to individually prepare breast milk concentrate from her own breast milk. The powder can be used neat or, if desired, as an emulsion. Your offer to the lions: 60,000 euros for 25 percent of the company’s shares.

KittyFlap from Buchs near Zurich: Jean Paul (58), Brigitte (54), Céline (15) and Jasmine (11) Kölbl are the owners of three outdoor cats. They present the world’s only cat flap with automatic prey recognition. “The image recognition software I developed analyzes the photos in a few seconds and thus knows whether the cat comes with or without the mouse and thus controls the cat’s flap accordingly,” explains the business IT specialist of his invention. In order to prepare their product for the market, they need an investment of 150,000 euros and offer a ten percent stake in the company.

Episode 2 (September 5, 2022):

NIPPLI from Bad Wilbel: Miriam Weilmünster (22) created the product as an alternative to standard nipple covers. NIPPLIS are used, for example, for strapless tops. They are water and sweat resistant and come in two versions: adhesive and glued. Miriam needs €90,000 and is offering 20 percent of her company’s shares. CONDITIONS: All the Lions make an offer, Carsten Maschmeyer gets the contract and 20%.
-> No battle NIPPLI – is it really “fair”?

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Hopper Mobility from Augsburg: Martin Halama (32) is passionate about e. mobility in cities. He created the bunker together with Georg Schieren (24), Torben Müller-Hansen (24) and Philipp Herrmann (33). It’s considered an e-bike, so it’s approved for bike lanes, but it looks like a small car and has a trunk. The founders are looking for an investor to develop the brand and production of Hopper Mobility. Your offer: 1,000,000 euros for 12 percent of the company’s shares. NO AGREEMENT

sock descent machine from Hennef: Nadim Ledschbor (54) and Tobias Ross (34) were annoyed by sand and small stones in their shoes. Their solution: a safety sock with a double shank. The composition of cotton, polyamide and elastane should ensure an ideal foot climate, integrated…

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