These couples broke up

Helena Fürst and Ennesto Monte
Although they came in second place, Helena and Ennesto were not winners of hearts. It ended before the first episode aired, with the relationship lasting just a few months.

Nico Schwartz and Saskia Atzerodt
Victory in the summer house and subsequent engagement, things couldn’t have been better for Nico and Saskia. In fact. The curse still hit her. After a year of relationship, it was the end.

Martin and Sonja Semmelrogge
The curse of the bungalow does not end even after 20 years of marriage: Martin and Sonja divorced shortly after the second season. Then in 2018 in August there was a shock: Sonja dies at the age of 54.

Aurelio Savina and Lisa Freidinger
Aurelia and Lisa also got engaged after the second season of Summer House. But the happiness did not last long. in 2018 they officially announced their split in June.

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