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Sometimes there are mistakes in movies and TV series that it’s amazing that they don’t get discovered for years. For example, in the cult situation “King Of Queens” – but once you find it, it’s hard to miss!


Mistakes happen, both in movies and series, and often even contribute to the cult status of a work. Who does not know a careless storm who found himself “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” out loud banging his head on the door? The scene rightfully has cult status and makes for a good movie that’s just that little bit better. However, the situation is different with errors that are neither funny nor unexpected, but which, once discovered, simply cannot be ignored.

The popular sitcom has the following error”The king of queens“. The cult series about the simple but lovable IPS courier Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) and his wife Carrie (Leah Remini) and her father-in-law Arthur (Jerry Stiller) was produced in 1998-2007. and has been a regular guest on German websites ever since – the series still airs every weekday – currently on Nitro. or at the weekend on the RTL morning programme.

where is the error?

There’s really nothing to complain about in a sympathetic situation – well, the show has waned a bit in recent seasons, the characters’ relationships have become increasingly toxic and lacked the sweet warmth of the early seasons, but blame. is not the nature of the content. Instead, it’s an obvious setup error because…

…The exterior of the Heffernan house does not match the interior of the living area. Of course, we know that King Of Queens was filmed in a studio, like most American sitcoms, but this detail is still annoying because the exterior and interior of the apartment are mostly seen in one shot and reverse shot.


the house from the outside

To break down the error again in detail: Three windows can be seen from the outside by the door. In addition, the door also closes on the side of the house and leaves no room for additional windows there. Also, the stairs lead straight down.

From the inside, the house suddenly turns into: Here there are windows on either side of the door, and where the stairs should be there is an entrance enclosed by a wall where the stairs should descend.


the house from the inside

Of course, this isn’t a mistake that will in any way detract from the series, but it’s still surprising that this faux pas wasn’t fixed over the seasons, or that more attention was paid to the matchup selection. Behind the house..

Anyway, the mistake happens consistently throughout all 9 seasons of the sitcom – and once you’ve noticed that, you stumble in almost every episode – I wish you a lot of fun watching the next episode.

If you ever want to again, watch a few episodes of “the series”.The king of queens‘ and you’re too worried about building a Sitcom house, here’s a hint, that all seasons of the cult comedy about Doug and Carrie are currently available to stream on Prime Video at no extra cost:

» King Of Queens is an Amazon Prime Video*

However, if you’ve seen the show countless times and just can’t stand the Doug and Carrie song anymore and can’t laugh at Arthur Spooner and his “555 nose” line, check out our special. of the best comedies, maybe you’ll find another favorite episode here:

The best comedies of all time

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