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RTL’s “Star Cottage” seems to have fully paid off in 2022. Therefore, the broadcaster thanked all participants online. After a season of scandals, this caused dissatisfaction among viewers.

Cologne – with “Star bungalowRTL recently managed to create its own completely successful trash format: the 7th season, which ended with an eloquent meeting on October 9, was full of bullying, banter and a rush to the breaking point. The Cologne broadcaster was thanked for so much drama – a big mistake, according to no less than viewers.

Breakups, bullying and hostility in “Star Summer House” – RTL still thanks

This year Candidates of the Summer House of Stars There was plenty to watch this year: the celebrity apartment broke up for the first time on camera after Eric Sindermann (34) and Katharina Hambuechen’s (27) tearful drama, while Bauer sucht Frau star Patrick Romer (26) made headlines for his terrifying behavior with girlfriend Antonia (22). Also Actor Stephen Dürr (48) was openly attacked in his summer house – but there really wasn’t an obvious reason for it.

RTL thanked not only the viewers, but also all the participants of the current season of “Star Summer House”. This caused some violent backlash online (photo montage) © Screenshot / Instagram / Das Sommerhaus der Stars

In conclusion, the seventh season of “Star Summer House” has also been marked by one scandal or another, as in previous years, with allegations of bullying regarding the affairs of Andrei Mangold, 35, and Mike Cees, 35. with his wife Michelle Monballijn (43) was used to. Nevertheless, RTL thanked all the candidates “for an unforgettable season”, as it was written on Instagram. “We’ve laughed, had fun, been excited and had a lot of fun together this season,” read the post, which also tagged all the celebrities in attendance.

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The RTL entertainment boss had to make excuses for the Star Summer Home 2020:

Hardly any season of “Star Summer Homes” generated as much buzz as the fifth, with a group quickly forming around Andrei Mangold, 35, and his then-partner Jennifer Lange, 29, who focused on Mangold’s ex Eva Benetatou, 30 m.). expected. Wild insults and a palpable bullying scandal followed. RTL entertainment boss Kai Sturm even had to comment on this: “We neither pushed nor wanted to bully,” he explained in an interview. overmedia and also revealed: “We don’t think that’s good either. We have been personally affected by the increasing aggressiveness and unpleasant negativity that characterizes this season.

“Star Summer Home” viewers settle with RTL – the current season has been condemned as “toxic”.

However, it is this recognition that annoys some viewers of “Star Summer House”: The end of the season was “just mud”, a fan raves, another comment says it’s “the worst [Staffel] everyone’s language. The reason for the anger: Many already during the broadcast were bothered by the borderline scenes, which Patrick Romer in particular was responsible for again and again.

“Thank you that so many people could learn from his example of how to treat a young woman, and thank you that many young women now understand that it is completely normal to treat them like this,” a critical Instagram user thanked RTL ironically.

Others also hold the Cologne broadcaster responsible: “Thank you for showing RTL that you can treat your partner like a compost pile,” said the critic. Some even perceived the season as “toxic” – accusations are not new for the media agency founded in 1984. Such allegations have been made before. It is quite possible that the RTL is also the cause cut the cottage meeting short: It ended quite abruptlyalthough it still needed to be explained. Used sources:

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