WaPo Berlin: The last series of the second season in 2022. April 26, 6:50 p.m.

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WaPo Berlin: The last series of the second season in 2022.  April 26, 6:50 p.m.

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Sarina Radomski says goodbye, Marie Schöneburg is new on board

The second season of the successful western series “WaPo Berlin” ends on April 26 with the series “Gegen den Wind-Blues”. Sarina Radomski bids farewell to WaPo Berlin at her own request and will be seen for the last time in the episode in the role of Chief Inspector Paula Sprenger.

“I am very pleased with the great experience at WaPo Berlin,” says Sarina Radomski. “I was allowed to grow up with my role as Paula, and she was with me. We have given each other three wonderful years and now is the time to move on. Both the production team and fellow actors didn’t make it easy for me to say goodbye, because we really had a lot of fun together and there was always a great atmosphere. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone involved. We communicate closely, exchange and really organize one or another trip on a boat together – but not in front of the camera. Ahoy! “

Martina Zöllner (rbb), executive producer: “The 24 series Paula Sprenger was something like the heart of the WaPo team. Berlin. Best of all, Sarina! “

The sequel follows. Filming for the third season will begin in June in and around Berlin. The new investigation team, which includes Chief Inspector Sesede Terziyan with Wolf Malletztke (Christoph Grunert), Fahri Celik (Hassan Akkouch) and Marlene Weber (Oska Melina Borcherding) along with police dog Stulle, is Chief Inspector Hanna Kowollik. by Marie Schöneburg. Character and Berlin factory judge Hanna Kowollik wonderfully combines the WaPo team with her energy and temperament. The third season should appear in 2023.

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WaPo Berlin is a work of Saxonia Media (producers: Britta Hansen and Sven Sund, executive producer: Katharina Puttendörfer), run by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb), ARD Advertising and ARD on behalf of Das Erste. The executive producer is Martina Zöllner (rbb). The editors are Kerstin Freels and Aida Kind (rbb).

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