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Outlander: Watch Season 6 online

It’s time! to Season Six Outlander, which is shorter than fans would like, released in the US. Many fantasy fans wonder where to watch the new Outlander episodes in German. Because one thing is for sure: no one is sure!

The episodes of the last few years have only been available on the pay-per-view TV channel RTL Passion shortly after the US premiere, but unfortunately this will not be the case since the sixth season. Even if Free TV broadcast will occur VOX in a few months is unknown. The broadcaster belongs to the RTL media group – and they appear to have lost the rights to broadcast the series.

As a result, the new Outlander series is currently only available in paid traffic.

Broadcast Outlander Season 6 on Amazon Prime.

The sixth season of the Outlander delivered to the US in 2022 March 6 The good news for German fiction fans is that the consequences only two days later in Germany can be seen starting from 2022 March 8. But the less nice thing is that the episodes can’t be broadcast on TV, but only online. And it’s also for a fee.

The new Outlander series will be available as a VoD from March 8th. You stand German sync on AmazonThe app for Google, Microsoft, Videoload, MagentaTV, Maxdome and Apple TV is available for free download. Here you can find the new Amazon Prime series Outlander.*

Broadcast dates for the new Outlander series:

  • Series 1: Echoes – March 8, 2022
  • Series 2: Loyalty – 2022 March 15
  • Series 3: Sobriety – 2022 March 22
  • Series 4: Wolf Hour – 2022 March 29
  • Series 5: Give Me Liberty – 2022 April 5
  • Series 6: The world has turned upside down in 2022. April 12
  • Series 7: Sticks and stones – 2022 April 19
  • Series 8: I’m not alone – in 2022 April 26
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Will Season 6 of Outlander appear on Netflix?

Until now, old episodes and seasons of Outlander could always be found on Netflix, even if it took an eternity before they were included in the streaming giant’s program. But if and when Netflix Season Six turns out not yet known. However, it is very likely that it will be included in the program. The date has not yet been officially announced. But could probably in 2023. March Be ready.

Outlander fans in France can be considered lucky, as Netflix has secured a deal that will show new episodes of the series just days after the US premiere. It’s easy to comfort German viewers because they have to be patient with Netflix’s Outlander. It already was confirms it will be the seventh season of the Outlander will give.

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