Watch Willow Episodes 3 & 4: Battle of the Protagonists + Season 6 “Blood”.

++ Update as of 12/14/2022: Welcome to Nockmaar! This time it is included Willow Season 1 Episode 4 Whisper of Nockmaar It’s about rescuing Graydon (Tony Revolori), who is suffering from a similar problem to the commander before – can Willow and Elora help him before it’s too late? And anyway, the dark place tempts to fall into evil magic or other dubious desires and leads its visitors astray…

So for now it remains nebulous and also approaching to some extent the first encounter involved rescuing Graydon – Elora learns something about him that some may have felt before, he is hiding something…

New exciting episode Disney+inside Willow & Co. get all their spotlights, who is responsible for one or another humorous scene? Namely, the clever Thraxus.^^ You’ll also get one at the end Cliffhanger zu Eak delivered, duly curious about the next series Willow produces as well The story of the 6th blood promises interesting events.

Some of the nostalgic scripts are also great that bridge the gap between the film and the series, a combination that works well here. 🙂

++ Review from 12/07/2022: We got there late, we Willow Season 1 Episode 3 “Fighting the Lamb to the Slaughter” to watch, but here’s our preview – just like last night, the new episode will be much darker, with more action too! Because of course Willow (Warwick Davis) & Co. to find Elora (Ellie Bamber), while the villains themselves have trouble getting their loot safely to their destination…

In the last episode Willow Elora is kidnapped by a possessed commander (Ralph Ineson), but she doesn’t stay in his grip for long. On the run, she meets new characters, but must also learn that she is far from the person who has every hope of uniting the worlds – a redeeming empress. Their magic leaves a lot to be desired, so fateful events happen by themselves.

"Vatzmann Made up his mind" on ARD live stream and TV: crime series season 3 episode 5

Meanwhile, Princess Kit (Ruby Cruz) realizes that she may not be expecting what she was promised from her companion Thraxus (Amar Chadha-Patel), but supports him in his mysterious quest as long as they are with Jade (Erin Kellyman). in trouble

The first two episodes are so colorful Willow still came with villains and a a menacing maelstrom of rage and madness There are more ominous scenes, and at the end Willow is challenged to save the day – is he as capable High Aldwin as he wants to be? Can he help the giving companions?

Great new episode with lots of action and dark dramatic events leading up to tragedy, but there is also time for lighter and humorous moments. A successful combination! We can’t wait to see what happens next week Disney+. The title track once again successfully and coolly underlines the much darker episode Willow! But whether you can smile at some retro monster creatures or find it too cheap is up to you.^^

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