‘Wednesday’ Season 1: Netflix Brings Back The Addams Family With ‘Game Of Thrones’ Celebs

Wednesday is the background

The iconic Addams Family is getting a new series format with Wednesday: Netflix is ​​now bringing you a star-studded horror comedy that also stars a Game of Thrones star.

Dark Wednesday Addams is back - and this time it even has its own series.

Dark Wednesday Addams is back – and this time it even has its own series. (Source: Netflix)

  • That horror comedy series”on Wednesday” begins on November 23 Netflix.
  • In addition to lead actress Jenna Ortega, the ensemble includes Catherine-Zeta Jones, Luis Guzman and Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie.
  • Also featured is Christina Ricci, who starred in The Addams Family 30 years ago Wednesday.

The world’s darkest TV family is back: “Wednesday” spins starting today on Netflix. all about the daughter of the sinister Addams family, portrayed by Jenna Ortega in the series’ reboot. But in the horror-comedy, which opens on November 23. with the streaming service, and there’s also a reunion with the old Wednesday actress.

Christina Ricci, who made her breakthrough in the early 1990s as a young actress in the “Addams Family” movies, can also be seen on “Wednesday” — albeit in a different role. Plus, the Netflix series, co-produced by goth genius Tim Burton, has a star-studded cast, with Catherine-Zeta Jones and Luis Guzmán appearing as Morticia and Gomez Addams.game of thrones– Star Gwendoline Christie plays a major role in Wednesday.

Incidentally, the only daughter of the Addams family has to go through a coming-of-age story at a goth boarding school for outcasts as part of the show’s action, initially in eight episodes, all of which are already on Netflix as the start of a new series.

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