“Wednesday” season 1: We explain the ending to you

Are the Outcasts of Nevermore out of danger?

One would think that the outcasts of Nevermore are finally safe, now that Joseph, Laurel, and Tyler are dead or incapacitated. But the end of season 1 of the Netflix TV series shows that the mission to eradicate the outcasts is not over.

The Gates appear to be just one of several wealthy Jericho families descended from Joseph Crackstone. Others who hate outcasts may use the Gates tragedies to incite greater hatred of supernatural beings. Wednesday Addams wonders if Laurel and Tyler were just pawns in a bigger game, and hints that the plan to get rid of the Outcasts goes beyond avenging Joseph Crackstone in Jericho.

The Crackstone mission will most likely continue in a potential season 2. The Gates family’s plan to destroy all the Outcasts with nightshade venom was probably just one of many solutions to defeat Wednesday. So the outcasts are not yet safe and we need to prepare for another, possibly even bigger, fight on Wednesday.

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