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Despite its tremendous success, the official extension of “Wednesday” is still pending. But if even the boss of the Netflix series is this euphoric and optimistic, a second season should only be a matter of time.


on Wednesday” has grown into an absolute megahit on Netflix in record time. The series about the descendants of the cult creepy Addams family (starring here Jenna Ortega) streaming service has only been available for three weeks, but its users have already watched over a billion (!) hours, so it could capitalize on this year’s true crime success.Dahmer“Catapult Rises to Top 3 Netflix Series of All Time (Only”Squid game‘and season four’Stranger things” ran even better).

Nevertheless, Netflix has not yet given the green light to a second season of “Wednesday”, even if the extension in fabulous numbers is probably just a matter of form. This is also shown by the new statements of Peter Friedlander. The head of Netflix’s fictional series in the US and Canada was also reluctant to confirm a second season, he explained in an interview with a US industry magazine. Diversity but says that in the case of “Wednesday” he very confident to be

Why is Netflix waiting so long?

Even if the confirmation of new episodes really looked different, everything else after these words would be a bitter disappointment at the latest. So why isn’t Netflix even bothering to make an announcement? Here Friedlander himself brings some light into the darkness with other statements.

For Netflix to truly capture a title as a hit (and keep it that way), it’s not just a short-term spike in demand that’s crucial, but more importantly, long-term interest. It also explains why the streaming service will be returning in 2022. for all kinds of series (including “Fate: The Winx Saga.“, “Goosebumps at midnight‘or recently’A warrior nun‘) pulled the plug, though for a while it was in the top 10 streaming content:

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With “Wednesday,” it’s also now interesting to see how far the show actually goes, and to analyze exactly why it’s become a “cultural phenomenon” so quickly, according to Friedlander (here he’s leading the Internet hype surrounding the now-legendary Wednesday dance scene. and a lot of people , who are currently dressing up as Wednesday Addams).

Even if there’s still a little residual doubt about “Wednesday’s” future, the viewership numbers after three weeks are still so phenomenal that it would be a huge surprise if Netflix didn’t officially announce a second season soon. Rather, we can imagine that this is probably one of the reasons why people wait so long to immediately work on the follow-up plans and come up with a bigger announcement that covers even more seasons at once (corresponding developer plans already exist) or possible offshoots – even if it’s still speculation at this point.

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