“Wednesday” Season 2: Who Is A Stalker?

11/23 began the highly anticipated Wednesday Addams series for many Addams Family fans. Here’s what we already know about Season 2 and who the stalker could be!

on Wednesday

Poster Wednesday

The sick, cynical and sometimes murderous daughter of Morticia (Catherine Zeta Jones) and Gomez Addams (Luis Guzman) and icon for many young people who feel like outsiders finally gets it. own deviation. Director Tim Burton – and almost want to shout “What else?” An expert in the macabre and the morbid, he is completely in his element here.

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Here’s the trailer for Wednesday:

‘Wednesday’ Netflix Plot: Here’s What to Expect

When Wednesday is kicked out of a suburban high school for a cruel prank and sent to Nevermore Academy, the boarding school where her parents fell in love, she finds herself in an entirely new position: she’s suddenly no longer the only Outsider, as the reverend institution teems with “weirds.” From werewolves to gorgons and sirens to vampires, everything is represented here.

The task now is to find a way through the jungle of school social hierarchies. Wednesday also has to deal with his growing psychic abilities, solve an old family mystery, and solve a series of murders on top of that.

“Wednesday” actress Jenna Ortega is convincing

Even if they don’t all seem a bit forced and dark gags at times, the show mostly achieves the deep black humor known and loved from the Addams Family movies. Jenna Ortega is also convincing on Wednesday. The 20-year-old has appeared in several horror and thriller films such as ‘You“, “Scream 6“or”X” has earned the title of scream queen and lives up to it on “Wednesday”.

Stranger Things Alternate Ending: Another major character almost died in the Season 4 finale

She manages to subtly coax emotion out of Wednesday’s traditionally expressionless facial expressions, especially as the character learns to allow some intimacy with some of her new classmates over time. To some, this may seem like a betrayal of the original character, but the development of Wednesday’s personality creates a depth not previously seen in the films, which is also necessary to keep the format of the series interesting.

– Attention: “Wednesday” spoilers follow from here! –

Wednesday Season 2: Who Is Stalker?

At the end of the first season, Wednesday finds out that she has a stalker. A pretty rough jump that raises high hopes for Wednesday’s second season. But who could be the stalker? Season 2 “Wednesday” will certainly answer that question. But at this point we can already make assumptions.

The most obvious option is Wednesday’s friend Xavier. After all, it is he who gives her the first mobile phone, with which she promptly receives messages from the stalker. But the question is how Xavier got the photos the stalker sent on Wednesday. For this he should have at least one accomplice. Also, Xavier currently still lacks a clear motive as to why he wanted to harm her – but maybe we’ll learn more about that in Season 2?

Christina Ricci, died Wednesday den Cult movies of the 90s played the role of Marilyn Thornhill, aka Laurel Gates, who is a wanted murderer in the season finale in the series adaptation. It remains to be seen if she survives – if so, she may seek revenge and possibly be a stalker.

The start date of the 22nd season is known

Or is there a mysterious cult behind it, only hinted at in episode 5? To paraphrase the closing words of Wednesday’s final episode: The suspense is killing me!

When is the second season of Wednesday on Netflix?

The people of the series are optimistic about the continuation of “Wednesday”: Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have already commentedthat they still see a lot of potential in the Addams Family storyline.

The official release date for a potential second season…

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