What happens to Judith in the comics?

The Walking Dead is coming to its epic finale. Who survives? Who dies in the last episode? Fans are fearing for Judith Grimes’ life as she has had little success in the comics.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 11, Episode 23!

The end is near – this time for real. Not only does The Walking Dead end its 11th season this month after a total of 24 episodes, but so does the zombie series itself. Due to previously announced spin-offs, this is only a temporary farewell for some characters, but it is not address to TWD fans should have known a long time ago: before the credits roll, we may yet lose a lot of characters we’ve grown to love over the years. Right now, fans are mostly worried about Judith Grimes. The girl is summoned by Pamela Milton in episode 23 and appears to be close to death.

A departure from the comics

For those hoping to find an answer in Robert Kirkman’s comics about Judith’s future, we have some bad news: Judith won’t make it to the final issue. “Walking Dead”– Comics. But not because Pamela also shot her in the drawn template. In fact, in the comics, Judith dies as a baby! Yes, you read that right. In Kirkman’s story, Rick’s little girl doesn’t even make it to the Commonwealth, the final chapter of his comic book series.

This is what happens to Judith in the comics

When the men and women of Woodbury attack the prison where our group of survivors are hiding under orders from the governor, a bullet hits Lori Grimes. Sheriff Rick Grimes’ wife had a newborn baby in her arms and was preparing to take little Judith to safety. The shot kills Lori instantly. She falls and lands on the baby, killing her daughter, who suffocates from the weight of the corpse.

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Will Judith become Carl 2.0?

Thus, there are no comical spoilers for Judith’s future in The Walking Dead TV series, as she is no longer alive at the time of events. Images of Daryl carrying an unconscious Judith through the streets in episode 23 stuck with fans. “We really wanted it to be reminiscent of the scene where Rick is carrying Carl after he’s shot, and it’s like, ‘Is history going to repeat itself with Judith and what’s going to happen to her next?'” says showrunner Angela Kang (via “Comic Book”).

Doubts About TWD’s Happy Ending

If the AMC series was based on more than Carl’s story in this scene, there is hope that Judith will survive: Carl survives in the comics to the end, and even outlives his father Rick. (Carl wasn’t so lucky in the TV series and was killed off in season 8.) In the comics, he gets a real happy ending with time warps that now show him as the happy post-apocalyptic father he no longer has. live in fear Will it be waiting for us in the final? Doubtful. Since splits have already been announced that will flow seamlessly into the finals, we probably can’t expect a leap into the distant future.

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The shock moment right before the finale – dies (SPOILER)?

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