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Lisa Angermann from Leipzig won Season 5 of Skoni. The jubilee season of the cooking show “Set.1” is already starting. © Benedikt Müller/Sat.1

Small spoons, great victories – a big change: since 2013, about 270 amateur and professional chefs have applied to Skoni. The 10th season of the “Set.1” cooking show is about to begin. Read what the previous nine winners are up to today here.

Fulda/Munich – whether it’s culinary training rather than psychology studies, own restaurant rather than a flower shop, jury member with her own Michelin star rather than a candidate – for the winners of the first nine seasons.Taste” has after participation Saturday.1– The cooking show has changed a lot.

Taste (Set.1): Here’s what previous winners are doing today

Everyone who wins the Skoni final will receive 50,000 euros and can publish their own cookbook. The anniversary season will begin on Wednesday, 2022. September 21, 8:15 p.m., Saturday 1st. The last, ninth episode of Skoni, the anniversary season finale, airs on Wednesday, November 16.

Among other things, Maximilian von Bredow was already in “Taste”. Fulda including Bredow managed to get to the final of the Sat.1 show in 2019. in 2020 then Lea Stier celebrated success with The Taste – she also comes from Fulda. Read what the previous nine winners are up to today here.

title Taste
year) Since 2013
manufacturing company Redseven Entertainment GmbH
broadcast cycle every week
Jury actors Frank Rosin, Alexander Herrmann, Tim Raue and Alexander Kumptner
moderator Angelina Kirsch
place Bavaria Studios Munich

Season 9 – Paula Bründl (23): From psychology studies to cooking training: chef Paula Bründl in 2021. wins season 9 with cod on pea puree with misomayo, radish pickles, ponzu sauce and sweet and salty pistachios – and starts a new life right after. The youngest ever winner decides to study cooking after graduation.

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Viennese work in a small family business in Upper Austria. Paula intends to invest all the prize money in cooking training. She had dreamed of a career as a professional chef for a long time, but an unexpected victory in Tim Raue’s team and a positive response from German chef stars finally gave Paula the push she needed. Would Paula do it again? — Of course!

8th staff – Lars Fumics (43): Sūkurys wins the eighth season “Skonis” in Aleksandar Kumptner’s team. Today, as Head of Private Properties and Household, he looks after luxury properties in Switzerland and abroad. But culinary art also plays an important role in his life. By the way, he sells his own line of products called “jung & alt” with spices, gin, wine, granola and much more.

Season 7 – Marko Ullrich (39): The chef with body and soul together with coach Alexander Herrmann wins the seventh season. He was always the head chef at the Kochtempel restaurant in Stauchitz, in the Meissen area of ​​the Free Land of Saxony. In his personal life, he uses the prize money to pursue his dream of owning a farm and beekeeping.

Standing in Marko’s place is out of the question. He would like to open his own ice cream shop in Štauchice and use the premises of his private farm to create a culinary school or a healing practice in the areas of spirit, soul and mind. “Maybe there’s a way to combine the two topics, I’ll have to look into that,” he says.

Staff 6 – Gary Loen (60): In front of The Taste is an Amsterdam florist and flower composer. With a spoonful of duck with plum sauce, Jerusalem artichoke puree and pear pearls, it wins 2018. Season 6 – and uses the prize money together with his life partner Hank to realize his dream: his “Restaurant Gary Loen”.

There are dishes inspired by French and Indonesian cuisine. To this day, he combines his two passions and arranges the plates in the restaurant like flower arrangements. Or Gary, who in 2022 August. won and Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal (Kabel Eins), will compete again in Skoni? “Yes, absolutely and anytime!”

“Skonis 2022” Sat.1 – all dates of this broadcast

Episode 1 (The Beginning) Wednesday 21 September (8.15pm/Sat 1)
Series 2 Wednesday 28 September (8.15pm/Sat 1)
Episode 3 Wednesday 5 October (8.15pm/Sat 1)
Series 4 Wednesday 12 October (8.15pm/Sat 1)
Episode 5 Wednesday 19 October (8.15pm/Sat 1)
Series 6 Wednesday, October 26…

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