When and how will the Star Wars series continue? Filming has already started

Even before the series began, Andorra was officially renewed for a second season. You can read here how long you have to wait to see Cassian again.


Poster Andorra

Even though the production of the first season was quite difficult, those in charge of Disney and Lucasfilm expressed confidence and extended Andorra already in 2022 in May in the second season. Luten actor Stellan Skarsgård revealed to Swedish media in February that the first twelve episodes had not been completed ( via A comic book). So we may be left wondering what more rebel adventures around Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) are in store for us. However, as is often the case, patience is required.

This year’s Star Wars Celebration featured even more announcements and interesting panels. You can see what we experienced on the site in the video:

Andor Season 2: Streaming on Disney+.

Corona made filming the first season a long odyssey for everyone involved. As with many other productions, filming had to be paused, delayed and extended. In addition, presenter Tony Gilroy had to give up directing his own episodes as he had to cancel a trip to the UK for safety reasons.

Hopefully the second season won’t be as difficult to make, but fans still have to be patient. As Gilroy explained, filming is scheduled to begin in 2022. November to 2023 August. he believes it will take about a year before publication. Accordingly, we probably only get to see the final episodes of Andor in 2024 late summer or fall Stream on Disney+..

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Andor Season 2: This is how it continues in new episodes

Also, at this early stage, it is difficult to provide specific information about the content. But we do know how showrunner Gilroy wants to split Season 2: Season 1 deals with Cassian’s transformation and rise to rebellion, which spans about a year, and Season 2 is supposed to cover the remaining four years (until Rogue One). with three episodes, and then jump right into the plot of the movie (via Deadline).

As soon as there is news on Disney+ about the plot or the start date, you will of course know here.

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