When is the sequel coming out on Netflix?

Addams Family fans have been anxiously waiting for the Netflix episode on Wednesday. But it also reached a wider audience like no other. Most fans should have finished the eight episodes of the first season a long time ago and are now eagerly awaiting the second season of “Wednesday”. But will it even exist, what could it be about and when could it be? We summarize the most important information.

No other Netflix series has had as many first-week views as Wednesday. If it’s successful, Wednesday’s Addams episode will even surpass Squid Game as the most successful episode. Therefore, a second season of the series should be almost certain. However, there is no official confirmation from Netflix yet. Series creators Al Gough and Miles Millar are really optimistic about a second season, as they said in an interview Screen issued “There is definitely something to discover in the world of Addams,” Gough said in an interview. So the series is not only made for one season, but possibly for many more. The end of season 1 also shows this.

“Wednesday” has already broken records. But what are the most watched shows on Netflix?

What Could “Wednesday” Season 2 Be About?

Warning, Season 1 spoilers!

In the first season, an outsider, Wednesday Addams, arrives at the Nevermore boarding school, whose students sometimes have supernatural abilities. There, Trečiadienė, who often has visions, not only finds like-minded people, but also helps solve several mysterious murder cases. The monster behind these attacks will be revealed in the season finale. We’ll leave with a stunning cliffhanger that still offers great potential for a Season 2 story. Because it turns out that Wednesday has a stalker who has been sending her cryptic messages. So the second season story arc could be about finding out who this stalker is.

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In addition, the show’s creators and director Tim Burton can imagine that the upcoming seasons of the show will focus more on other members of the Addams family. Her parents, Morticia and Gomez Addams, only make a brief appearance after being separated from the family online on Wednesday.

When is Wednesday season 2?

As the second season has not yet been officially confirmed, there is also no start date. The sooner the confirmation comes, the sooner the start of the second season of “Wednesday” can be expected. Experience suggests that fans should expect at least a year between seasons. For complex productions, it may take significantly longer before the second season is released. Therefore, it is conceivable that the second season of “Wednesday” will air on Netflix in 2023. at the end, and in 2024 at the beginning

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