When will Series 5 and 6 be shown on TV for the first time?

Who wouldn’t try to be happier in life if a million euros were spent on it? Three families are involved in this game in the series “Players”. When does this continue?

Firat, Ines, and Jasper experience stress when an elderly gentleman makes them an interesting proposition to improve their lives. They must receive a million euros, but they must meet certain conditions.

“Players”: Broadcast dates and consequences

The series will be in the first broadcast double episodes. The production, released as a mini-series, consists of a total of six episodes every wednesday be broadcast. to Therefore, the 5 and 6 series will be released on May 11th 2022 on television.

Consequence Date of broadcast first Episodin
01: “Wish List” 2022 April 27, from 8:15 p.m. Herr Herzinger finds a wish list and travels with his servant Wagner to search for the origin of the letter. He decides to play the game of luck and offers Inesa, Firat and Jasper a million euros each.
02: “Annual Subscription” 2022 April 27, from 9 p.m. The three accept the challenge, but quickly face the first challenges, such as hiding things from their partners.
03: “Knowledge is power” 2022 May 4, from 8:15 p.m. The partners understood what was being played. However, the situation is tense for other reasons as well. Jasper is stressed at work, Frat has problems with his novel, and Ines could get a job in Brussels, which is not at all pleasing to her husband Max.
04: “Good men must be divided” 2022 May 4, from 9 p.m. It’s chaotic. There is a disaster at Jasper’s job, Max wants to go on a big tour, Firat suddenly becomes Ines ’husband, and Natasha learns all about the man’s novel.
05: “I went to the dog” 2022 May 11, from 8:15 p.m. Jasper loses his job and finds a dog, Simone finds a new job, Firat has to sell his company, and Ines can forget about her promotion. Now she can spend more time with the kids.
06: “Better success for all” 2022 May 11, from 9 p.m. Now that the business is gone, Firato’s house is also in danger, but Natasha knows what to do. A dog that makes Jasper and his family very happy may have a master, and Herr Herzinger suddenly has problems with money.
The second season of the thriller with Game of Thrones star Gemma Whelan - fernsehserien.de

If you don’t like the broadcast date or miss an episode, don’t despair all episodes are also available online in advance can be seen in the media library. After the broadcast, you will be able to watch it there for six months without any fees or registration. Of course, the episodes can also be found as audio versions.

That’s what Gamblers are all about.

Everyday life is rarely pure happiness and beyond Mr. Rossi looking for him. Elder Herr Herzinger is usually rich, but quite lonely and unhappy. After four unsuccessful marriages, he now devotes himself to watching the birds and reflecting on the meaning of life. Was his lifelong pursuit of wealth the right decision? He thinks he made the wrong choice, but now it’s too late to change his life. However, he can still save other people’s lives and accidentally found a letter to Santa and found a starting point. Its range of Firat, Ines and Jasper is absolutely exceptional. Each of them should get a million if they strive to live a happier life for years. They have to meet three conditions: No one can find out about it – even their spouses * have to meet with a notary every week to exchange information about their progress, and if all three do not endure a year together, no one gets it. cents. However, your success in finding happiness does not matter – the most important thing is sincere effort.

Gamblers: These are the actors

Rolle Actress
Firat Bozoklu Eco Fresh
Natasha Bozoklu Karolina Lodyga
Ines Schickling Catherine Schuettler
Fees Niemitz Sergei Moya
Jasper Lipas Manuel Ruby
Simone Eder-Lipp Lena Dörrie
Gottlieb Herzinger Branko Samarovski
Dietrich Wagner Ovid Schumacher
Mrs. Unger Bettina Mittendorfer
Antonija Herzinger Doris Schretzmayer
Mom Luise and Julia are the same
Ronis Vincentas Königas
Sammy Milo Mahir |
Hugo Bozoklu Baltazar Jacob
Yesimas Bozoklu Cosima Nath
Seda Bozoklu Purchase of Leo wine
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Could it be the second season of The Gamblers?

Since the series is still broadcast on TV, we want to …

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