When will Sky and Sky Ticket series 5 and 6 appear?

When will the disaster continue? La Brea appears weekly with new Sky and Sky Ticket series.

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Even in the age of excessive viewing, there are still series that feature new episodes only once a week. For La Brea, you have at least two episodes every week. The first season in the U.S. has already aired in 2021. and one second season at La Brea very early ordered.

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Watch La Brea in Germany: When’s the next episode?

2022 April 24 a new science fiction fantasy drama drama has emerged. Sky One shows the series in double episodes, and every Sunday the provider broadcasts two new series from 8:15 p.m., which you can watch live at any time. 5 and 6 series will be released in 2022. May 8.

First season series and airtime:

Consequence The date of the first broadcast of Sky One summary
01: “To Another World” 2022 April 24, from 8:15 p.m. – Broadcast now Los Angeles opens a large hole in the ground that tears the Harris family in two. Eve and Josh find themselves in a strange world with prehistoric animals. Gavin understands that the visions that have plagued him for many years may be the key to family reunification.
02: Tag 2 2022 April 24, from 9 p.m. – Now in stream Josh’s life is in danger and Eve is trying to save him. Meanwhile, Gavin and Izzy are trying to prove there are survivors in the sinkhole, and government agents are monitoring them.
03: “Hunting time” 2022 May 1, from 8:15 p.m. When there is a shortage of food, Eve and Ty embark on a dangerous hunting mission in the forest. Gevin has to rely on an old friend if he wants his family saved.
04: “Visit from the present” 2022 May 1, from 9 p.m. The plane crash offers unexpected hope. Survivors are looking for a pilot. Gavin and Izzy are looking for help as the government keeps obstructing their mission.
05: “Mysterious Fortress” 2022 May 8, from 8:15 p.m. The search party reveals a mysterious fortress that raises more questions than answers. Gavin and Izzy find a new ally and take on a mission that could lead to disaster.
06: “The way home?” 2022 May 08, from 9 p.m. Time is running out and the survivors are trying to escape one last time, but then receive a sharp warning from Gevin that their business could end in disaster. Eve makes an impossible decision.
07: Storm TBA Chaotic super-damage damages structures, putting Marybeth and Lucas in serious danger. Gavin embarks on a journey into his past.
08: “Origins” TBA As the cold weather approaches, Eve, Levis, and Ty return to the fortress, hoping to learn the skills of survival 10,000 years before Christ. Gavino’s efforts to prevent Izzy from experiencing pain threaten their relationship.
09: “Father and Son” TBA The startling discovery pushes Josh and Izzy to the limit. Survivors are desperately looking for a little boy who is the key to everything. Gavin and Izzy have to rely on a stranger because they hope to reunite the family.
10: Topanga TBA News about the sinkhole brings Izzy, Gavina and dr. Nathan tried to escape one last time before it was too late. Eve, on the other hand, goes on a journey to send a young boy through the portal to save her family.
The series "Untouched Pyrenean Desert".

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La Brea: That’s what the series is about

In Los Angeles, there are asphalt pits in La Brea where scientists have discovered hundreds of fossils. Right here, a huge hole suddenly appears in the ground. Along with many others, Eve (Natalie Zea) and her son Josh (Jack Martin) are swept in this sinkhole. You descend into a prehistoric world full of prehistoric animals and even find traces of ancient civilization. Daughter Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) and husband and father Eoin Macken remain on the ground trying to organize an underground rescue mission.

In this video, you can see the first five minutes of the series:

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