When will the 39 Netflix reboot series take place?

With Shaman King Yo Asakura and his spirit patron Amidaru, he fights in a tournament to become the next king of the shaman. When will the transhipment resume?

20 years after  King Shaman “-Mangareihe von Hiroyuki Takei premiere as an anime adaptation, the story of Yo Asakura was relaunched on Netflix. After the first 25 series, there were plenty of follow-up episodes with another 13 series, so fans wonder: when will the 39 Shaman King series begin?

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When does Netflix start Shaman King Season 2 or Series 39?

The transhipment of Shaman King in Japan began in 2021. April 1, but the anime series premiered in Germany only four months later. Although in Germany in 2021. August and December and 2022. In January, Netflix always released several Shaman King series, with Japanese audiences seeing a new episode each week, so the 39 series aired on January 13th. this year and with April 21st. even saw the finale of the series on the screens.

But now the wait is over for German-speaking anime fans as well, as the sequel will be officially available 2022 May 26 will be available on Netflix. We can expect 14 new series, as the series is said to have a total of 52 episodes (over Anime News Network). Not sure if there will be a second season. Judging from Netflix’s previous approach, all 52 episodes will be assigned to one season.

Until you know how Yo Asakura’s story ends, you can spend some time watching more anime series and movies on Netflix:

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The story of the shaman king’s season 2: so on

The sequel is expected to continue where the 38 series left us: Luchistas Lasso, the founder of X-Laws, comes to the rescue on behalf of Yo Hao to survive against Marco. But there is a fight between Luchisto and Marco to death that Yo can’t greet in any way. He makes the decision to end the dispute and, to his surprise, receives support from Lysergo. Will they succeed in defeating Luchista and Marco? Or maybe someone really has to lose their life?

As the only remaining hope for humanity, Yo must now gain much strength to face his ultimate destiny. You should review to see how this can continue before releasing the last episodes Manga edition stories about Yo and shamans not to be missed.

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Shaman King 2021: The difference from the first anime

After 20 years, the main character Yo Asakura returns to the screens with “Shaman King”, directed by Jouji Furuta, screenwriter Shoji Yonemura and designer Satohiko Sano. The first adaptation of the mango of the same name in Japan was shown in 2001-2002. The 64 series was also shown on free German television, including Kabel Eins.

With the planning of the 52 series, the second adaptation of King Shaman will now be a little shorter. In addition to the updated look, fans of shaman history can expect an alternative ending like never before.

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Shaman King Season 2: Voice Actors

According to the German synchronous file we will also be able to hear most of the voices from the first adaptation during reloading. So Hubertus von Lerchenfeld speaks again for the protagonist Yo Asakura. Beate Pfeiffer lends her vote to Anna Kyoyama. Shaman King speakers in brief:

Picture voice actor
O Asakura Hubert von Lerchenfeld
Anna Kyoyama Beate Pfeiffer
Amidamaru Alexander Wohhnhaas
Manta Oyamada Andrea Wick
Renas Tao Benedict Gutjan
Silva Martin Bonvichini
Jun Tao Jacqueline Belle
Ryuunosuke Umemiya Klaus-Peter Damitz
Tokageroh Tom Rauscher
Horohoro Dirk Meyer
John Faust VIII Manfred Trilling
Tamao Tamamura Angela Wiederhut
In the city of Tao Hans-Georg Panczak

If you’re excited to relaunch Shaman King, you should be familiar with the following 23 anime:

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