Who are the winners? How did the final go?

SAT.1 ended the fourth season of The Great Baking – The Pros. Here you can find out who won, who got how many points and who made it to the finals.

The Big Bake – The Professionals: Series After Series

Teams must complete two tasks in each episode. The jury scores for this. Whoever has the least points at the end of the sequence has to go. Here you can read the series after the series, which team has achieved a bit,

Series 4 – Final: In the final, the jury, Günther Koerffer, would like to see a “world class” of the remaining three teams. The tasks are difficult. You should first create a birthday quartet with 25 donuts, macarons, candy and your own creations. Finally, a birthday party with an exhibit, cake and cupcakes is needed. Michael and Natalie get along best The black team two tasks – and with a considerable advantage. The winning teams will receive a € 10,000 cash prize and a gold cupcake


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Points in the 4 series:

  • Black Team (Michael and Natalie): 24 + 29 = 53 points
  • Yellow Team (Janosch and Richard): 21 + 23 = 44 points
  • Red Team (Annica and Max): 14 + 20 = 34 points

Series 3: In the first task, the remaining four teams have to bake cakes without sugar. The second task in the program is a chocolate fruit tree exhibit. It should be embedded in the cake landscape. Katrin and Stefan left Team Blau don’t have a good day and throw it away. The other three teams advance to the finals.

Points for Episode 3:

  • Yellow Team (Janosch and Richard): 26 + 20 = 46 points
  • Black Team (Michael and Natalie): 20 + 25 = 45 points
  • Red Team (Annica and Max): 14 + 19 = 33 points
  • Blue Team (Katrin and Stefan): 13 + 19 = 32 points

Series 2: This time, the first thing in the program is the challenge of surprises. This means professionals have to bake without a prescription. The program features Swiss rolls, one sweet and one savory. The second task this time is an exhibition on the theme of the fair. Here, teams can show off their creative and artistic drawings. The Schwarz team convinced the jury almost the whole time. Kilic and Nicole get the least points team green. A weak piece of the show becomes their ruin. you quit The other four teams for the finals fight next week.

Episode 2 Points:

  • Black Team (Michael and Natalie): 21 + 26 = 47 points
  • Blue Team (Katrin and Stefan): 19 + 24 = 43 points
  • Red Team (Annica and Max): 26 + 15 = 41 points
  • Yellow Team (Janosch and Richard): 17 + 23 = 40 points
  • Green Team (Kilic and Nicole): 22 + 17 = 39 points

1 episode: The first task is called “Our Best”. Teams must have 30 thumbnails of their Signature. In the second task, the professional teams want to shine with ingenious chocolate show pieces and sugar decorations on the theme of zodiac signs. Team Lila obviously struggling and end up in the last place. So the show for Jan and Leon has already ended after the first show.

Episode 1 Points:

  • Red Team (Annica and Max): 22 + 27 = 49 points
  • Blue Team (Katrin and Stefan): 26 + 22 = 48 points
  • Black Team (Michael and Natalie): 14 + 27 = 41 points
  • Green Team (Kilic and Nicole): 18 + 18 = 36 points
  • Yellow Team (Janosch and Richard): 15 + 18 = 33 points
  • Lila Team (Jan and Leon): 16 + 12 = 28 points

When does “Big Bake – Professionals” show up?

The fourth season began on Sunday, April 24, at 5:40 p.m., SAT.1. The performance consists of four episodes in total.

Broadcast dates in brief:

  • Series 1: Sunday, April 24, 5:40 p.m.
  • Series 2: Sunday, May 1, 5:40 p.m.
  • Series 3: Sunday, May 8, 5:40 p.m.
  • Series 4 – Final: Sunday, May 15, 5:40 p.m.

What are teams and candidates?

Twelve confectioners and confectioners will receive a jury verdict. Baking professionals compete in six teams of two.

  • Team Rot: Annica Bergemann (26), a confectioner and baker at the Vegan restaurant Ich bin so Frey in Landau and a self-employed Schneebesen confectioner, and Max Welke (29), a confectioner at Hoppenworth & Ploch. In Frankfurt and Pearson & Doll in Maintal.
  • Green team: Fatmanur Kilic (25) is a self – employed confectioner, food blogger and Influencer from Waldbröl and Nicole Tschürtz (37), confectionery and product development …

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