Who Steals Me ?: These are the entertainment stars of the new season

Also for the upcoming “Who Steals the Show?” Season? celebrities want to give up moderation work from Joko Winterscheidt. Photo: ProSieben / Florida TV / Anna Thut

ProSieben’s fourth season of “Who Steals the Show from Me?” Will begin soon. The broadcaster has now announced three celebrity candidates.

ProSieben is re-examining the question of what Joko Winterscheidt (43) can steal a moderation job: “Who steals a show from me?” goes into the fourth season. And now the broadcaster has also revealed which stars will compete with Joko. The website “prosieben.de” writesnew episodes will be shown in the second 2022. side because the candidates for celebrities are: entertainers and musicians Olis Schultz (48), actress Nilam Farooq (32, Closed Society) and Jerks star Fahri Yardim (41). In addition, wild card candidates will once again compete with Joko Winterscheidt.

The broadcaster also posted on Twitter: “Starting today, we’re creating a new #WSMDS season for you. We’ll be showing six new series in the second half of 2022. Big applause.”

How WSMDS works

Grand Prix of the quiz show “Who steals the show?”. (WSMDS) is the moderator of this show. Three celebrities and one wildcard candidate are trying to challenge moderator Joko Winterscheidt in various games for the job of a quiz master. The winner is the one who finishes in the final after eight rounds of play in the “Who steals the show?” Quiz and wins this live duel against the moderator.

In the third season, which took place at the beginning of the year, the most prominent rivals were Anke Engelke (56), Mark Forster (39) and Riccardo Simonetti (29). Bastian Pastewka (50), Shirin David (27) and Teddy Teclebrhan (38) took part in the second season of the series “Who Steals the Show from Me?” including. Thomas Gottschalk (71), Palina Rojinski (37) and Elyas M’Barek (39) were featured in the first season of WSMDS. ProSieben and Joko Winterscheidt celebrated great success in all three seasons. The performance is especially popular among young viewers. The new season may also receive ratings again.

Air dates, streaming and reruns of season 3 episode 11

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