– Who steals the cable? in 2022 – Season 4 Review

  • Quiz show “Who steals the show?” with Joko Winterscheidt at ProSieben from 2021
  • ProSieben from August 2 airs its 4th season with six episodes
  • All about “Who’s Stealing the Wire?” Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3.

Start Date: When Will ‘Who Steals The Show?’ Season 4 Start?

The fourth season is on ProSieben from August 2: from 8.15 p.m. Joko Winterscheidt asks again: “Who is stealing the cable from me?” – every Tuesday for six weeks.

Already at the end of the last episode of season 3, Joko called again to claim the wildcard candidate: in.

This officially confirmed Season 4, and a little later the new celebrity candidates were introduced:

Who hosts episode 4 of Who Steals the Show?

Inside Episode 3 to do this For the first time this season, a candidate for Joko Winterscheidt’s show. After a nervy finale, there is an all-round talent Olli Schultz at the end of the show as the winner, allowing him to moderate the 4th episode in 2022. August 23 Here is exciting finale again in the clip:

“Who’s Stealing the Show?”: That’s the bottom line

– Who steals the cable? is the question that Joko Winterscheidt asks at the beginning of every season.

He is initially the host and quiz master, but this can change from week to week. Because the presenter offers candidates his job on the show as the main prize.

The winner of the episode gets to play the next episode of Who’s Stealing Me? moderate yourself and Joko has to take a seat on the rate panel.

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The new presenter also has the opportunity to redesign the program according to his ideas.

How does the Who Steals series work?

There are a total of eight game rounds, which are divided into several prize levels. After each prize level, one participant must leave the panel.

Whoever is left competes directly with Joko as a finalist:in. The final will be moderated by Katrin Bauerfeind.

If the current moderator of the series loses in the final, he has to leave the show and participate in the next episode as a quiz candidate.

Who joins Who’s Stealing the Show? against Joko?

This Challenge group consists of three celebrities and one spectator as wildcard candidates.

These are the contestants from Season 4 of Who Steals the Show?

I clip: WSMDS Season 4 Trailer

These candidates and celebrities were the Who Steals the Show? in 2022

It was the one Season 3’s Who’s Stealing Me?. Celebrities appeared in six episodes Anke Engelke, Riccardo Simonetti and Mark Forster along with a wildcard against Joko Winterscheidt.

Who’s Stealing the Show? start times, air dates and dates. in 2022

The quiz show with Joko Winterscheidt continues on Tuesday in prime time in the fourth round.

  • Who’s Stealing Me? Season 4 Episode 1: 2022 Tuesday, August 2
  • Who’s Stealing Me? Season 4 Episode 2: 2022 Tuesday, August 9
  • Who’s Stealing Me? Season 4 Episode 3: Tuesday, 2022 August 16
  • Who Steals the Show Season 4 Episode 4: Tuesday, 2022 August 23
  • Who Steals the Show Season 4 Episode 5: Tuesday, 2022 August 30
  • Who’s Stealing Me? Season 4 Episode 6: 2022 Tuesday, September 6
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Broadcast time: The show starts at 20:15 on ProSieben (All WSMDS broadcast times are brief).

– Who steals the cable? like replay, live streaming and full episodes

In addition to the ProSieben broadcast, there is a Who’s Stealing the Show? 2022 also as a replay online and on TV.

You’ll also be able to stream Season 4 live again and watch every full episode of Who’s Stealing Me? can be viewed online for free.

All information about the TV broadcast, live stream and replay can be found here.

Moderation of Who’s Stealing the Show?

At the beginning of season 4, as usual, Joko Winterscheidt will be the host of the show “Who steals the show from me?” to be Whether and for how long it will remain so depends on the course of the quiz game. The moderators of the show can change depending on the profit of individual episodes.

The final round of each episode is moderated by Katrin Bauerfeind, as Joko himself is a candidate for the final.

About Joko Winterscheidt

Joko Winterscheidt is the host and original host of Who’s Stealing Me?

He won and hosted four of the six episodes of Season 3.

“Who’s Stealing the Show?”: Everyone…

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