Will SHE be the woman of dreams in season 19?

September 23: Valentina Saalfeld vs. Eleni Schwarzbach: Who will be the new Dream Woman?

18th seasonA storm of love” on television and, above all, the chaos of love Josie Klee (Lena Conzendorf) and Paul Lindbergh (Sandro Kirtzel) keeps the audience from breathing. Although the happy ending is still not in sight, the first viewers are already wondering what will happen in season 19 the new telenovela dream woman becomes Two beauties have potential: both Valentina Saalfeld (Aylin Ravanyar) also Eleni Schwarzbach (Dorothée Neff) could turn the heads of the men of the Duke’s court. There is already a lot of discussion in Facebook groups about who will start the race. “Then she will definitely be another dream woman and here comes the prince of dreams”, viewers are speculating, for example, about Valentina. The future will tell if one of these theories is correct.

September 22: Great concern Gerry

From Helena is in the court of princes, she brings the world of her sons Max and Gerry quite confused. Recently, a handsome groom decided to get a driver’s license. While his brother Max has come to terms with his decision and even supports him by going along with it Alfonso‘ Help wants to give a used car, keeps the mother Helena nothing from his intentions. She worries about her son and fears that he is too kind for traffic. She even hopes that he fails the exam.

September 21: The fans are lost

Fans of “The Storm of Love” always suffer with their favorite characters. But there is one thing they are particularly worried about. Dr. Michael Niederbuehl (Erich Altenkopf) it’s all right now, but it’s not easy. In fact, he is Carolina (Katrin Anne Hess) is about to have her dream wedding, but then it comes for a kiss between Carolina and Vanessa (Jeannine Gaspar). But the Doctor has no idea about that right now – and that’s worrying fans. One writes on Facebook: “The doctor is going mental!“Is it really going down with an otherwise intelligent doctor?” It will become clear very soon.

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September 20th: Fan favorites stir excitement

Belongs to “Storm of Love”. Eric (Sven Waasner) and Gerry (Johannes Huth) to an absolute fan favorite. Every scene between the two is celebrated by most viewers, including the latest clip Instagram. Tried it Eric Gerry explain using the Carrera track, how does driving work – and the fans waved. “Both are great“, a fan writes on Instagram. Another even thinks: “The two are amazing and very beneficial to the storm, each separately and together. You can laugh, cry, smile, everything with them.“So the fans are overwhelmed and enjoying every minute they spend together.” Let’s see how it goes.

September 19: Paulina Hobratschk speaks plain language

Very soon there will be a mega comeback in “Storm of Love”. Valentina Saalfeld is back – but not quite as usual. Because even if the role returns to the telenovela, it becomes an actress Paulina Hobratschk will not return. Instead, the role Aylin Ravanyar accepted. Paulina spoke openly on Instagram and explained why she did not return to the filming site. “Of course, I was asked about the production of The Storm of Love, but unfortunately I could not play the role of Valentina again during this period. I wish Aylin Ravanyar a great time as Valentina and this great team in front of and behind the cameraThis should finally put to rest the rumors about her reasons for leaving.

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