Will there be an uprising in the Commonwealth?

After the Commonwealth was published by the newspaper, Pamela Milton’s term may end abruptly.

Say goodbye to the 16th series Walking Deaths 11 takes a break temporarily. However, the mid-season finale already shows that unrest may ensue in the Commonwealth. Searched with a newspaper article Eugene (Joshas McDermittas) Max (Margot Bingham), Kelly (Angel’s theory), Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Magna (Nadia Hilker) The truth about the governor Milton (Laila Robins) and her son Sebastian (Teo Rapp-Olsson). But are they really starting a likely revolution?

Warning, spoilers follow up to the first 16 series of the eleventh season. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should first Disney +. repeat. Or we summarize the plot of all the episodes:

While The Walking Dead is coming to an end, some characters in the zombie universe will stay with us forever. You can see what spin-offs are waiting for you in the video:

Will the Commonwealth revolt?

Although “Walking Dead” will return with the 17 series only in the autumn of this year, the remaining eight series can already be felt. From Premiere announcement not just telling us that the Commonwealth Army Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) crawls on her heels after her escape in the 16th series, and we also see crowds on the streets of the Commonwealth.

Apple TV+ Releases Trailers for The Mosquito Coast Season 2 and Spirited › Macerkopf

A next clip makes it clear that this is indeed a demonstration. People gather by shouting and raising tables with the words “Pamela liar”, “Give us Sebastian” and “How much longer did you kill?” It seems that Connie’s article about Sebastian’s thefts got the desired effect.

But the uprising could be stopped as quickly as it had begun, as Shira (Chelle Ramos) and Roman Calhoun (Michael Tourek) were already panicking in the opposite direction. They are probably looking for soldiers to end the uprising – or rush to the radio to report to their boss Lens Hornsby. It’s probably still out of bounds to finish Daryl and Maggie.

You can read more about what the trailer announcement reveals in this article:

Will Mercer be the new leader?

It remains to be seen whether Pamela Milton will be removed from the post of governor due to the riots. But as an announcement Neganas (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) ird Mercer (Michael James Shaw) To negotiate the future of the Commonwealth, it would not be unthinkable for Milton to resign in the third part of the eleventh season and be replaced by Mercer. His sister Max and his girlfriend Princess (Paola Lázaro) already in the 15th series encouraged Mercer to make a difference … Did he heed that advice and did he really take power? And what’s the point of talking to Negan?

We’ll probably only find out in the fall of 2022, when the 17th series comes out The Walking Dead Staff 11, Disney +. and ProSieben Fun the premiere will take place. Until then, you can test your knowledge of the series in a quiz:

Broadcast dates, broadcast on TV or stream, 15 season repeats, 3 series yesterday

The Walking Dead Grand Quiz: Can You Get 10/12?

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