“You can’t stop it anymore” – the first trailer for the 4th part of the 4th Stranger Things season has been released

Background of foreign things

At the end of the 4th season of “Strange Things”, the very first announcement has now been released. The video provides insights into the grand finale. See it on Netzwelt.

Sadie Sink als Max in Stranger Things Staffel 4.

Sadie Sink as Max in Changing Things Season 4 (credit: Netflix)

  • The fourth season of Strangers is coming to an end 2 part.
  • Netflix today released a terrible and beautiful trailer that sets the mood for the grand finale.
  • The terrible monster Vecna ​​tells Elf clear words in the video.

There are still a few weeks left until part 2 of 4 “.Foreign things“Season in 2022. July 1 Netflix. appears. To cater for the upcoming big event, the California streaming service now also has released the first announcement of upcoming episodes. In the menacing video, the villain Vecna ​​clearly speaks to Elfie.

Watch the Strangers Season 4 Part 2 video here:

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“It’s over, Elf. You set me free. You can’t stop it anymore.” threatens Vecnai in the clip above. In the final of part 1 it turned out – Warning, spoilers! – that it is the main 4-season antagonist is actually about a laboratory worker Peter (or Henry Creel / 001) who became Vecna.

Season 4 Part 2 now – so to speak – the inevitable confrontation between Elfie, who was able to regain strength, and Vecna queue. Both raise their hands in an announcement, which seems to show a supernatural duel between powerful characters in Part 2 of Season 4 of Stranger Things.

In addition, Dustin, Nancy, Steve, and Robin are still in the video “Up Your Legs” (Dustin even with improvised knight armor). Meanwhile, Hopper and Murray appear to be further investigating experiments in the Soviet Union.

So Hoper sees Demogorgon, apparently killed, as well as some still-alive, menacing creatures from the shadow world floating in a large tank.

Matt Duffer, one of the two creators of the Stranger Things series, described Part 2 of Season 4 in an interview. TVLine saying, “There’s a little bit of it in it. It’s incredibly emotional, along with the most action and spectacle we’ve ever had.” Season 4 ends as a “crazy symphony of chaos.”

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