Young Royals: Next season is the last

The love story between Prince Wilhelm and “The Subject” Simon is entering its final phase: Netflix announced on Wednesday that another season of the Swedish teen series will be filmed. But the third season will also be the last. “Simon + Wilhelm forever?” asks the US streaming portal’s social media team on Twitter, showing a photo of the two main characters holding hands.

To date, 12 episodes of Young Royals are available on Netflix across two seasons. The first season was released in 2021. on July 1, and the second in 2022. November 1

The series tells the story of Prince Wilhelm (Edwin Ryding) of Sweden, who falls in love with Simon (Omar Rudberg), who comes from a modest family, while still studying at a boarding school. But the young prince can’t just date another boy and has to contend with intrigue. Is the crown more important or is it love? The highly emotional ending of the second season left some plot lines open that will likely be addressed in the final season.

Good reviews for The Young Royals

The Young Royals have been consistently well received by television critics and the public. The selection of student roles was especially appreciated. In the portal “Rotten Tomatoes” the first season received approximately 100 percent approval from critics and 99 percent from viewers. Also’s criticism was positive. The first season was in the top ten in 12 countries on Netflix when it was released, and the second season in 26 countries.

direct link | Omar Rudberg is also known as a singer in Sweden and can also prove his skills in Young Royals. in 2019 he participated in the national tour of the Eurovision Song Contest
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