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Many people want to lose weight after the turn of the year – preferably very quickly. You can read here why this is not a good resolution for the new year. We have tips for losing weight naturally without frustration.

Getting rid of a few pounds – the classic New Year’s resolution. In surveys every year, the majority of respondents state that they want to pay more attention to their health; losing weight is the top priority.

Losing weight can be good for your health and self-esteem, provided, of course, that you are actually overweight – and not just because of (apparent) social norms that only present certain body images as desirable. And even then, natural weight loss makes a lot more sense than all the quick weight loss instructions.

We gues: Spare yourself the obsessive desire to lose weight – especially not in a hurry. We’ll tell you 1. why this doesn’t work – and 2. what you should do better instead.

It’s just a stupid idea, that with the fast Lose weight. Where does this desire actually come from? Do your knees and feet really hurt? Are you limited in your everyday life or in your performance because of your weight? Or do you just want to look like the people in the ads? Whose appearance is not only polished with many tricks, but whose job it is to sell us (often quite superfluous) things and services with their appearance?

Yes, many Germans are overweight. And dieting is so easy. say the media. But is that the whole truth? no

You can expect this effect

Losing weight makes you unhappy

Speaking against losing weight as intent: Dieting makes you unhappy. There are as many diets as there are promises of effortless weight loss: 24 hour diet, Oatmeal Diet, no carb diet and Low-Carb-Diät, paleo diet, cinnamon diet, Trennkost, Glyx diet and dozens of others.

They all have one thing in common: A diet has little to do with natural weight loss, because it almost always works with more or less radical renunciation. And renunciation means dissatisfaction. Eating is one of the most beautiful and important things in life. If we can no longer or are not allowed to enjoy that, then this is also reflected in our state of mind. And not only there.

Losing weight quickly makes you fat

If you want to lose weight quickly, you often look for a diet. And the idea of ​​losing a few kilos quickly and specifically with a diet is naturally tempting.

Unfortunately, the big end often follows: the Jo-Jo effect. If you limit yourself for only a limited time, you will continue to eat as before after the diet and will quickly regain the pounds. “Lightning diets remain unsuccessful”, agrees the German Nutrition Society (DGE).

US scientists found in 2016 outthat participants of the popular weight loss show “The Biggest Loser” six years after the show were not only fatter than just after the show, but their bodies actually resisted the weight loss: the basal metabolic rate of all participants was – the energy that the Body consumed regardless of exercise and sport – dropped during the show and is still significantly lower six years later.

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The – certainly somewhat sobering – state of the art is therefore: Most diets neither seem to work sustainably nor are they particularly healthy for our bodies.

Even if you are overweight and your health is suffering because of your weight, there are better and healthier ways to lose weight naturally than a fast diet.

Losing weight is healthy and natural – with mindful enjoyment

Better than any restrictive diet is natural weight loss through one general diet change. You don’t have to change your diet overnight. Instead, you can gradually change a few small things. You will see: It is very easy to make your life and your diet a little bit healthier, more mindful and more sustainable.

Here are 10 steps for a healthier life without losing weight or dieting.

1. Listen to your body

Don’t be fooled by diets or nutrition trends…

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