9 helpful weight loss tricks that work WITHOUT a diet

In order to lose weight successfully in the long term and to keep it off, you cannot avoid a healthy diet and exercise. But they alone don’t make the difference on the scales. Other everyday life also makes a decisive contribution. You can get closer to your desired weight without a crass diet and a padlock in front of the fridge. With these 9 simple but effective tricks.

9 simple tricks to lose weight WITHOUT dieting

Weight loss trick 1: Sniff your fill

Of the cravings sends greetings again and you would like to reach for the chocolate right now? Trick the cravings with you scents out of. The craving for chocolate can be, for example, with ethereal rose oil to stop. The phenylethylamine it contains is also found in cocoa. The scent of vanilla, eucalyptus and peppermint also has a similar effect.

Weight loss trick 2: Trick the cravings

After lunch, we are usually overcome by the dreaded midday slump, followed by a sudden craving for something sweet. Instead of reaching for sweets, it’s worth having a short one stroll close. This not only saves you money unnecessary and unhealthy caloriesbut also feel much fresher and fuller afterwards. You can find out more about the advantages of a walk after a meal here>>

Weight Loss Trick 3: Swap your plates

Unfortunately, a large plate doesn’t just look great. We also tend to this one to be filled more generously and then eat everything “good”. This happens quickly, especially with expansive buffets. But how do you avoid this trap? Very easily! Just grab a smaller plate. The portions are significantly smaller, you automatically eat less. And if you’re still hungry, you can get a second helping.

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Weight loss trick 4: Get enough sleep

Do you sleep badly? This can also make itself felt on your scale. If we don’t get enough sleep, the body produces more of the hormone Ghrelin. The appetite-stimulating peptide ensures that our feeling of hunger is stimulated. So we reach for the chip bag more often than necessary. Sufficient Sleep however, does the exact opposite. The released leptin ensures that we feel full and satisfied.

Weight loss trick 5: drink your fill

Drinking not only plumps up the skin and ensures that our body works smoothly and toxins are flushed out. Who before every meal a large glass of water drinks, also feels full faster. The portion is significantly smaller. In Japan they swear by this Trick not in vain for many centuries. A mixture of ginger and lemon can also help you lose weight. As? Find out here>>

Weight loss trick 6: Be petty

Family packs are pretty tempting. It’s also so practical when you always have everything in stock. However, the huge value packs are not good for the figure. Then the larger the pack, the larger the portions out of. This can be quite tricky, especially with chips. When shopping, it is better to choose the normal size.

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Weight loss trick 7: Avoid stress

A stressful everyday life gets us really busy, but with a diet it has the exact opposite effect. If we suffer from stress, the body also pours more Cortisol out of. The hormone not only inhibits fat loss and promotes fat storage, it also promotes annoying belly fat. And that is known to be very difficult to get rid of. So there are enough reasons to slow down and relax a little. Professionally and privately.

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Weight loss trick 8: Avoid calorie traps

Do you like to snack on nuts from time to time? Not a good idea. Although macadamia or Brazil nuts are incredibly healthy, they pack a lot when it comes to calories. In 100 grams pine nuts, macadamias and pecans there are, for example, a whopping 700 calories. Another calorie trap not to be underestimated are soft drinks. Sure, it’s a liquid, but of course you still absorb the calories. Ours, on the other hand, is delicious, healthy and free of calories lemon water!

Weight loss trick 9: Eat consciously

Do you prefer to eat in front of the TV while your favorite series is on or pass the time on Instagram and Co.? Not a good idea. Because the distraction ensures that eating becomes secondary. When eating, however, it is important to listen to your gut….

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