A Berliner about her anorexia

The pandemic dramatically exacerbated the situation in psychiatric hospitals, with teenagers in particular often receiving this diagnosis: eating disorders. a meeting.

Lisa Gerst (name changed) in her room.  She's healthy again. 

Lisa Gerst (name changed) in her room. She is healthy again. Berliner Zeitung/Markus Wachter

Ice-cold wind whips her face, snow swirls around her. Lisa Gerst (name changed) can only see around ten meters away, everything behind it disappears into a grey-white wall. But she doesn’t want to stand still in this snowstorm, she doesn’t want to stop running. Or can’t she? She is all alone on the Tempelhofer Feld, nobody would think of jogging on the former runway when the temperature was below zero. At this moment, Lisa Gerst realizes that something is wrong with her.

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