A study finds out which is better for maintaining weight

Is after the diet before the diet? Sport and a balanced diet have finally brought us to our dream weight – but now the yo-yo effect is threatening! What to do? Continue on the diet? Or would you rather incorporate sport into our everyday lives to keep the weight off?

The most important thing after a successful diet is not to fall into old patterns. Instead of chocolate, you can go to these, for example grab five fruits that will even help you lose weight!And you can’t go wrong with these ten foods either!

Diet or exercise to keep the weight off?

Because yes, the right diet is important to achieve your dream weight. But once you get there, from now on everything revolves around the sport to keep your weight off. A study by the University of Colorado now finds this out!

The scientists publish theirs in the specialist magazine “Obesity”. Study, in which they accompanied several people of different body weights over a longer period of time. 25 of the participants were formerly overweight adults. 27 of those involved had a normal weight throughout their lives and 28 people are still overweight.

Daily measurements of energy consumption clarify

Those in the group that successfully lost weight lost an average of 14 kilos and maintained their new weight without fluctuation for at least a year. To check this, the researchers took urine samples from the individual participants to measure their daily energy consumption.

7 things you should know about losing weight

The co-author of the study, Dr. Victoria A. Catenacci explains in a statement from the university:

Our results suggest that this group of successful weight-maintaining individuals consume a similar number of calories per day as overweight and obese individuals. The lack of weight gain seems to be due to their high level of physical activity

We tell you the most important findings of the measurements of daily energy consumption in the video!

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