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Fresh vegetables and fish are important components of the Atlantic Diet. Foto: G.MARTYSHEVA/

Sounds almost too good to be true: The Atlantic Diet is said to be able to shed pounds without starving and even prolong life. That’s behind the trend.

For the desired weight Essen giving up is not only frustrating but also dangerous. Due to malnutrition, the body lacks important nutrients. This disrupts its function and makes it more susceptible to diseases. The Southern European Atlantic Diet (or Atlantic Diet for short) fights the pounds in a much healthier way.

This is not a classic slimming diet. The English term “diet” is misleading. He doesn’t mean the German word “Diet“, which is associated with renunciation. Rather, it stands for “nutritionwise”. The aim of the Atlantic Diet is therefore not to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible. Rather, it is about eating consciously and in a balanced way and thus contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

The north of Portugal and the northwest of Spain are leading the way. The Atlantic region is known for its healthy cuisine, which is even said to reduce the risk of death. A study showed a corresponding connection. However, this was of little importance.

This is how the Atlantic Diet works

What is undisputed, however, is that the Atlantic Diet provides us with a large number of valuable vitamins and minerals. The basis is fresh fruit and vegetables, wholemeal and dairy products and high-quality olive oil. They are on the menu every day. Fish and seafood, which are an important part of the Atlantic Diet, are added weekly. Eggs, legumes and small amounts of lean meat should not be missing either. Occasionally it may also be fatty meat or something sweet.

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Fruits and vegetables provide the body with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. These have a positive effect on metabolism and energy balance. The proteins obtained from dairy products, legumes, fish and meat also promote muscle building and fat burning. The latter also boost the omega-3 fatty acids contained in olive oil and fish. Legumes and whole grain products are also rich in so-called complex carbohydrates. In contrast to simple carbohydrates, they fill you up for longer and contain fiber that promotes digestion.

And best of all: there are no rules regarding the number and size of meals. Eating is done intuitively.

Not a diet, but a way of life

In no case should the enjoyment of the Atlantic Diet be neglected. Process regional, seasonal products for the best taste experience and then enjoy them with family or friends. If you like, you can round off the meal with a digestive walk. After all, exercise, society and sustainability are just as much a part of the Iberian way of life as the cuisine.

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