Bianca Bernhardt: Personal trainer in Munich and Ingolstadt

The body has adapted. This is a perfectly normal process, I know Personal trainer Bianca. Our body is always trying to function as energy-efficiently as possible. With a few sensible adjustments, the plateau can finally be overcome. It is important to pay attention to three things:

1. It depends on the right diet

Despite a consistent change in diet, stagnation is not long in coming, since weight reduction also changes energy consumption and the basal metabolic rate. The solution in the simplest case: correct the calorie intake downwards. But it’s not always that easy. “Some also take a too radical approach to a diet and start with a too large calorie deficit,” says Bianca. The body is put into a kind of “starvation state”, which affects the metabolism. The consequence: the body hits the brakes and now consumes less. Reducing the calorie intake further would be counterproductive. In order to boost the metabolism again, even more calories should be consumed once or twice a week. For example, on a low-carb diet, this could mean increasing your carbohydrate intake a bit. If none of this helps, it may be worth taking a look at the micronutrients in the cells. Here Bianca works together with experienced naturopaths. When it comes to coaching, she takes a holistic approach and incorporates the areas of intestinal health and hormone balance into her work.

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2. Variety in sport is the key to success

As a trainer, you have many options to get your clients to their goals.

Bianca Bernhard's goal is to motivate and enrich the lives of her clients through fitness and healthy nutrition.

– Bianca Bernhard

The possibilities here are manifold. For example, you can go from high reps with light weight to few reps with slightly heavier weight. Additional high-intensity interval training can also be effective. So variety is key. It is important to mention at this point that you do not overdo it with the training and that you allow the body to regenerate.

3. The right attitude is crucial

Sometimes people with negative beliefs like “I don’t think I can do it” get in their own way, says the personal trainer. Anyone who constantly has bad thoughts releases stress hormones and stress is poison for physical fitness. An associated increased cortisol production also promotes fat storage and ensures muscle breakdown. So if something goes wrong with the inner attitude, there is a high probability that it has – and despite diet change and optimal training – decisive.

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Bianca Bernhardt: Personal trainer in Munich and Ingolstadt

Bianca Bernhardt has lived in Munich since she was sixteen and with her move to Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm last year, she expanded her sphere of activity as a personal trainer from Munich to Ingolstadt.

Phone +49 173 6917213

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