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Usually any alcohol in a weight loss diet is a taboo. The situation is different with this new method: Here the Red wine will help shed the pounds. We’ll tell you how it’s supposed to work.

Diet and red wine? This is how the new method works

According to Allensbacher Market and Advertising Media Analysis (AWA) in 2021, a total of 19.57 million Germans were interested in one Diet and diet products; 59,3 % of those surveyed stated that they had already tried a diet aimed at losing weight. Even if a diet does not always lead to the desired goal, it is worth a try for many. Are you looking for one unconventional and extraordinary diet methodthe red wine diet might be right for you.

In general, red wine is known for also positive effects on health to have. Nevertheless, it should Harmfulness of Alcohol not be forgotten. The basis is therefore moderate consumption. On the one hand, the wine contained in Plant compound resveratrol have an antioxidant effect, can kill cancer cells and have an anti-inflammatory effect and increase the immune system. Furthermore, so-called polyphenols reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to these effects, a new study shows that red wine can also help with weight loss.

A team of researchers from Oregon State University, the University of Florida and the University of Nebraska studied the effect of red wine on weight loss. The study focused on the grape variety Muscadinia, from which some types of wine from the States are made. Four fabricswhich are contained in the grapes, according to the scientists* speed up the weight loss process. Polyphenol, for example, is said to accelerate the metabolic process in the liver ellagic acid. Further studies on mice showed that other types of grapes can also be effective: the mice that were given the red wine variety Pinot Noir collected fewer fat cells in the liver an.

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It is important to remember that red wine still contains alcohol, which is harmful to our bodies. That means: Always enjoy in moderation. A moderate alcohol consumption means no more than 24 grams of alcohol per day for men and half for women. Applied to red wine, this would be 250 milliliters for men and 125 milliliters for women. Alternatively, you can go to one non-alcoholic red wine reach, since the effect of the substances contained in the grapes testifies. The effect can only actually occur if you also regularly do sports. It is not possible to foresee what results can be achieved as a result; however, if you have a weight loss goal, it’s best to start with one pursuing a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising.

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