Diet not working? With these 5 tips you will end the weight loss standstill

The diet worked well at first, but for some time now nothing has been noticeable on the scales. Despite exercise and a healthy diet, you no longer lose weight. We’ll explain what it can be and how you can change it.

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You’ve started exercising again and you’re sticking to your diet. Nevertheless, nothing is happening, standstill is announced on the scales. Before you despair, we want to assure you that there can be good reasons for this.

5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck When Losing Weight

1. You eat too little

Eating too little on a diet? Yes, you’ve read that correctly. It is typical that when you start a diet you lose weight quickly and then suddenly everything stagnates. This happens especially when you have a Crashdiaät or follow a one-sided diet. Your body processes the change in diet as an emergency. It automatically calculates the actual calorie requirement and adjusts the metabolism. He is defending the weight that your scale shows.

solution: If you notice after a short time that the scales are standing still, you should change your diet. Eat fewer unhealthy, but more complex carbohydrates.

Don’t skimp on breakfast as it will make you run into a blood sugar trap and develop cravings. Calculate your BMR and follow a moderate calorie deficit diet.

2. Your food doesn’t fill you up

Eating enough is important. Eat so much with the main meals that a pleasant feeling of satiety sets in. This is the only way you can get through from one meal to the next.

solution: Listen to your body and recreate the feeling you had as a child while eating. Back then you ate until you were full. This is called eating behavior intuitive eating. Unfortunately, as we get older, we put it off.

For this it is important that you are slow. Your body needs a few minutes before it thanks you for the food you have eaten with a feeling of fullness.

3. You have no idea how much you eat

When you arrange your food on your plate, you probably don’t even know how large the portions of the individual components should actually be. It becomes even more difficult for you when you cook from recipes that contain inaccurate quantities.

So that you really lose weight, you should deal with the food. Find out how much of each food component is good for you, how many calories are in it and, especially for the evening, how high in carbohydrates the portion is.

solution: Next to one Nutrition diary It is often recommended in nutritional advice to use tracking apps. You will learn which portion sizes are good for you and which foods you should avoid.

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4. You will overcome the plateau if you adjust your calorie requirements

Many people want to lose weight. Especially after any public holidays, this desire arises. However, some forget that the body adapts to the change in diet.

solution: Calculate your at the beginning of your nutritional change, diet or exercise basal metabolic rate. After about six weeks, you should recalculate it with your new weight. Then increase your movement. This also increases energy consumption.

5. Your diet isn’t working and you’re not losing weight because you’re under too much stress…

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