Diet: You should never start it like this!

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You should never start the diet like this

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The right start to the diet plays a major role

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We usually start a diet with a lot of motivation. But a few things can spoil our successful start. You should pay attention to that!

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How often have we already highly motivated ourselves in a Diet fell – and then broke it off in frustration shortly afterwards? Probably countless times. It’s often just a little thing to blame that we haven’t considered. Before the next weight loss attempt, we should therefore find and avoid a few small mistakes.

1. Your goals are too big

Ten pounds less in four weeks? That sounds tempting and can even be achieved with a zero diet. But it is unhealthy and totally ineffective! Anyone who loses weight so quickly will gain weight again as soon as he eats reasonably normally again – the JoJo effect says hello. In addition, the body can slip into an undersupply of the most important nutrients – and go on strike in its own way, for example by the circulatory system collapsing. Better: set small realistic goals and be happy about every success.

2. You don’t treat yourself

Of course, a certain discipline is required if you want to lose weight. But holding back every little sin is usually not effective. Because then, at some point, you suddenly get an uncontrollable ravenous hunger and eat the whole fridge empty. Better: Treat yourself to your favorite snack once a day – on a small scale. So rather just a piece of chocolate and not the whole bar.

3. You ask too much of yourself

The right motivation likes to give us wings: Suddenly it’s no longer a problem to run three kilometers a day and avoid carbohydrates every evening. The sad fact is, however, that motivation doesn’t last forever. It can be enough if the pointer on the scale just doesn’t move from the spot for a week, so that we fall into a deep hole of frustration. Better: Set fixed times for training – and don’t do the workout every day. If you know that you have to go jogging every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, you will develop a routine more quickly and not give up so easily.

4. You only measure your success with the scale

Of course, it’s a nice feeling when you notice the pounds falling on the scales. But: If you build muscle (and you should if you want to lose weight), you will probably gain weight after a short time. Because muscles are heavier than fat. To keep the level of frustration low, it is best to measure your waist and hips at the beginning of the diet and take photos of yourself. This makes every success that the scales hide from you visible.

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