Does a banana diet make sense? effect on the body

If you want to lose weight with a banana diet, you ask yourself whether it makes sense. In fact, the ingredients in bananas can help you lose weight.

The banana diet: That’s behind it

Bananas are considered true “calorie bombs” and are known to contain a lot of carbohydrates. Nevertheless, the fruit can help you lose weight.

  • For bananas to actually promote weight loss, they should be used as a substitute for breakfast and snacks are used. For example, you eat one or two bananas for breakfast and then another one in the afternoon as a snack.
  • The greener the fruit, the more resistant starch it contains. This means it cannot be metabolized by your body. The insulin and blood sugar levels stays low while burning fat starts immediately. In comparison, riper fruits contain more sugar. So these are not ideal for losing weight.
  • Green bananas are also said to contain a special type of bacteria that help maintain the intestinal flora. If your intestinal flora is healthy, it is usually easier to lose weight.
  • Your metabolism is controlled by various ingredients in the Banana cranked. These include, for example, potassium and magnesium. If possible, use green bananas for breakfast and snacks and eat about 80 percent of the usual amount for the other meals. This can help you lose weight.

Bananas outside the diet: tips for recovery

Brown bananas provide you with energy quickly. According to a study, they can contain cancer-inhibiting substances and provide you with many vitamins and vital substances. Due to the high sugar, calorie and carbohydrate content, however, you cannot use brown bananas to lose weight. In these dishes you can brown bananas use in everyday life:

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