Does asparagus really make you slim? That’s the point of the myth

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Von: Kilian Bäuml

Carrots are good for the eyes, walnuts for the brain and asparagus makes you slim. There are many food myths – but which ones are really true?

Frankfurt – A balanced diet plays a major role in a healthy lifestyle. The body has a need for nutrients that must be met in order to function. In addition, a healthy diet can strengthen the immune system, stimulate the metabolism and some foods can even prolong life.

One of the basics of healthy eating is that products should be eaten as fresh and unprocessed as possible. Some foods are also attributed properties that make them particularly healthy. But is there any truth to the food myths?

Asparagus is very popular in Germany. (symbol image) © Imago

Checking food myths: does asparagus really make you slim?

For many, asparagus is simply a must in early summer. Some even refer to it as the queen of vegetables. Germany is even the asparagus world champion. Around 18 percent of the open-air cultivation area is used to grow asparagus – almost 120,000 tons of asparagus were harvested in 2020, the writes Federal Center for Nutrition.

But asparagus is not only popular, but also very healthy – and it can actually help you lose weight. This is because the asparagus consists of a lot of water and has hardly any calories. That’s why you can eat your fill of asparagus without hesitation, even during a diet. It’s according to the pharmacy magazine therefore the ideal vegetable for a volumetrics diet, in which the consumption of foods with a lot of volume but few calories is preferred.

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Food myths checked: carrots are good for the eyes and walnuts for the brain

It is widely believed that carrots are good for the eyes, and rightly so. The beta-carotene contained in the carrots is a precursor of vitamin A. This is absolutely necessary for seeing. If there is a lack of vitamin A, visual performance deteriorates quickly, reports the pharmacy magazine. However, the vitamin is not only found in carrots – it is also found in pumpkins and sweet potatoes, for example.

Also the brain needs certain nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids are important. These are found in walnuts, so they are good for the brain. Walnuts can also have a positive effect on diseases such as Parkinson’s and depression, writes the pharmacy magazine.

It’s not just asparagus that makes you slim

What applies to asparagus also applies to many other types of vegetables. The water content is usually very high, which is why many varieties are low in calories.

Checking food myths: Is margarine really healthier than butter?

One of most popular nutritional myths is that margarine is healthier than butter. However, this myth is not true. Both products have similar properties and should only be consumed in moderation, the reports BR. Replacing butter with margarine accordingly makes no difference. (Kilian Baeuml)

The tricks and information mentioned in this article cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet. Use our nutrition tips only as a supplement to an otherwise varied and healthy diet. The information in no way replaces professional advice and is not intended for independent diagnosis or treatment.

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