Elle Macpherson: “The Body” doesn’t keep fit with diet and exercise

In an interview, “The Body” explains Elle Macpherson how she keeps her body and mind fit at the age of 58 – and reveals surprising things.

Elle Macpherson (58) lolls in a new one Instagram-Post in micro bikini panties and a short wool sweater on a wall and presents her body. That gave her the nickname “The Body” in the eighties – and it still applies today. In the caption and an accompanying interview, however, the Australian supermodel does not give any nutrition or exercise tips. Instead, Macpherson swears by mindfulness: “With breathing exercises and meditation, I take care of my mind, body and spirit every day.” She would meditate for 25 minutes every morning, she continues: “I try to live my life in a constant flow of meditative connection, rather than just at specific times.

The magazine “Body and Soul” the 58-year-old revealed other lifestyle secrets. Accordingly, yoga or a four-minute workout by Zach Bush is also on their program in the morning. Before that she drinks water with lime juice, then a matcha.

Elle Macpherson: Evening ritual with gratitude exercise

In the evening she ends the day in her infrared sauna, followed by a cold shower. “This is great for detoxification, immune boosting, lymphatic support and relaxation,” enthuses Macpherson. After that there is a certain sleeping tea. In bed, the model also performs a small ritual: “I put my hands on my solar plexus, think about what I’m grateful for that day and drift into peaceful sleep.”

Macpherson, who is vegan, also comments on her diet. Accordingly, she only buys at the weekly market, her favorite food is a miso mushroom soup with Japanese sweet potatoes according to a recipe by Dr. Sarah Siso.

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When it comes to sports, she goes with the flow

Surprisingly, when it comes to exercise, “The Body” doesn’t have a strict training schedule. “I choose activities that get me outdoors, as close to nature as possible – hiking, biking, swimming or just sitting outside in the sunshine. I don’t have a plan – I go with the flow, but I go.”


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