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Elyas M’Barek as a meticulously working journalist with a few extra pounds on his ribs: In the new film by director Michael “Bully” Herbig, the newly married heartthrob plays Juan Romero. “A Thousand Lines” adapts the true story of the press scandal surrounding Claas Relotius. In an interview, Elyas M’Barek talks about “a thousand lines” and why he hasn’t lost his faith in honest and well-researched journalism.

2018 was the year when it was revealed that the award-winning journalist Claas Relotius (his name is in the movie Lars Bogenius) thought up most of his reports and interviews. This is thanks to his colleague Juan Moreno, who uncovered his colleague’s frauds at the “Spiegel”. Now the story is coming to the big screen. “A thousand lines” uses Moreno’s book, “A thousand lines of lies. The Relotius system and German journalism” – but it also delivers properly Satire with clean.

An incredible story that makes you wonder how Relotius was able to fool experienced department heads and editors-in-chief for so long. One would think that fake news would be exposed very quickly these days. Well, they just don’t – or only much much later – if they are well invented. Nevertheless, Elyas M’Barek is “firmly convinced” that journalists take their work and themselves seriously comply with the press code. That is why he is so disappointed that individuals can cause such damage.

For the role of Juan Romero, Elyas M’Barek ate a few feel-good pounds on. “It was fun just giving up sports. However, later it was all the more difficult to get rid of the pounds again. Then I didn’t have any pants in the closet that still fit,” he says in an interview. With films like “Fack ju Göhte” things looked very different. In preparation for the role, he had to stick to a strict diet for six months and exercise almost every day.

Training, diet and mind shape this body

“A Thousand Lines” will be released in German cinemas on September 29, 2022 (FSK 12, 1:33 hours running time)

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