Five ways to lose weight without going on a diet

Many people are familiar with weight problems. With five simple tips, however, you can transform yourself into a “dream body” in time for summer.

dr Sara Kayat, an English doctor, says to stay away from all fad diets that can do more harm than good. If the Briton has her way, five points are important for losing weight quickly.

Eat mindfully
The doctor is referring to good chewing when eating. “Get a table, a plate, learn to chew, learn to appreciate the flavor on your plate instead of scooping it up on the way to work, at your desk, or in front of the TV.” According to the doctor, thorough chewing and taking your time is essential in order to be satisfied after a meal and not to overeat. At the heart of mindful eating is “attending to hunger”. That is, eating when you’re hungry and holding back when you’re not.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to snacking and weight loss. dr Says Kayat, “When you’re feeling hungry and you have a choice to stuff yourself or have a small snack, snack and make sure it’s a good snack for you.” For example, nuts are an ideal snack for the doctor. “They’re high in healthy fats, high in fiber, and high in protein—all to help stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent cravings. Avoid sugar and carbs, which spike blood sugar levels and make you hungry again quickly.”

Little alcohol
Alcohol is your worst enemy when it comes to weight and belly fat. If you want to have a flat stomach, you should at least cut back on alcohol consumption. dr Kayat said, “There are so many good soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks out there now. A lot of people just miss the taste, and we now have this opportunity to have good soft drinks, so it’s a really viable option for people.”

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Eat the right foods
This means foods that are low in calories but high in nutrients – mostly plant-based. This includes fruits and vegetables, but also lean meat. Prepare each meal so that it includes plenty of fruit or vegetables, a serving of protein, some carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

“Try to find fun in movement,” says the British doctor. For anyone who wants to exercise without paying for a gym membership, Dr. Kayat, “Incorporating exercise into your normal routine”.

With these simple and everyday tips, nothing stands in the way of losing weight.

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