Harald Glööckler is twelve kilos lighter

After two weeks in the jungle, where there is often only rice and beans, it is quite normal that most people then fill their stomachs again in the hotel and at home. That was not the case with Mr. Pompös. “I lost twelve kilos at the beginning of the year and kept them, a kilo here or there,” reveals Harald Glööckler in an interview with “AZ”.

However, since he had a bad herniated disc in September, he can no longer do sports: “So a lot of discipline when eating is called for. Normally I try to follow the 16/8 diet, which means not eating for 16 hours a day, but I can’t do that now because of the medication. Now it’s leveling off again, fortunately.” His personal tip for everyone who also wants to lose weight or maintain their weight: “Stop eating before you’re full!”

Reading tip: Study surprised! Intermittent fasting has no effect on weight loss

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