Heidi Klum: Confession of Tom Kaulitz

Dangerous Diet?

The Tokio Hotel guitarist made it clear that he and his loved one are not using the diet to lose weight: “This is for detox.” Nonetheless, Tom lost an impressive six kilos within the ten-day fast! However, not entirely without side effects:

I haven’t eaten properly for days

like that Tom. The maple syrup in the lemon drink is said to curb hunger pangs, but the 32-year-old’s thoughts often revolved around meals like Ikea hot dogs. If he thought about food, his mouth would water immediately, he was so hungry. But not only did his stomach growl louder, he also felt severe side effects in terms of health:

I’ve been so bad this week

admitted Tom. circulatory problems and nausea probably made it so difficult for him that after an award show he was in the hedge in front of his and Heidi’s house hand over have to. “just about” did he make it out of the car: “Then I felt really dirty and had to lie down immediately.”

Tom remembers this experience

His model wife seemed to be taking the cure better than he was. No wonder, after all, she’s already a “master cleanse” pro, and has been doing the detox program regularly for years.

In public, however, this diet is very unpleasant. When the two were at the “Green Carpet Fashion Awards” in Italy, they met the ESC winner band Måneskin, among others – and they made fun of the fact that Heidi and Tom weren’t allowed to eat: “They laughed their heads off because Heidi and I had to push the food back and forth because we didn’t eat anything because we weren’t allowed to. And it was so difficult because the food was super awesome. We were starving.”

Will Tom participate again in the next round of fasting? Questionable…

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