Helge Braun loses a lot of weight – and is celebrated

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Helge Braun will speak in the Bundestag in June 2022. © Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa

CDU politician Helge Braun is currently causing a stir with his enormous weight loss. His Instagram followers are celebrating his new look.

Berlin – From March 2018 to December 2021, Helge Braun was often in the limelight of German politics. chancellor Angela Merkel had appointed him Chancellor’s Minister. But since that traffic light government occupied the Chancellery in Berlin, the CDU man is no longer seen in public quite as often. And so a longer – and apparently very effective diet passed many of Helge Braun’s followers by.

Helge Braun surprises with extreme weight loss and is celebrated

All the more surprised they reacted to an Instagram post by the politician from the weekend. On Sunday, Braun paid a visit to the Gießen animal shelter (in his constituency) for his 60th birthday. He sent a snapshot of it online, which caused a stir as reported by Merkur.de. After all, Helge Braun has lost a lot of weight compared to his time under Chancellor Merkel.

Surprised and admiring comments about the transformation accumulate under the image post: “Respect, Mr. Braun,” says about one. “Great, 20 years younger”, “Wow, you don’t recognize yourself. Respect!”, “Wow. Respect. Your new character suits you very well”, “Madness” and “Bravo Helge”, others write.

Helge Braun comments on weight loss: “Particular health risk”

It’s not as if Helge Braun was hiding in between. The politician had already changed significantly in pictures that were taken in the Bundestag in June (see article picture above). But now the change seems to be even more obvious.

Helge Braun in November 2021.
Helge Braun in November 2021. © Michael Kappeler/dpa

At the request of Bild Incidentally, Braun did not reveal his diet secret. He stated: “As a doctor, I am aware that being overweight poses a particular health risk with advancing age. In the run-up to my 50th birthday, it was important to me to reduce my health risks.” Helge Braun can celebrate his birthday on October 18th – and will probably have to get a new suit for it. (rjs)

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