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Von: Lucas Maier

Losing weight is a long-awaited goal for many. Potatoes are a healthy way to shed pounds.

Kassel – It is considered typically German, although it does not originally come from Germany: the potato. However, the earth fruit can not only be enjoyed in the form of chips or fries, but should also be used when Lose weight help like that Biomedical Research Center der LSU found out in Pennington (USA).

“In fact, the people who took part in our study lost weight,” said Candida Rebello (PhD), a researcher. A total of 36 people between the ages of 18 and 60 took part in the study.

Lose weight with potatoes: the tuber can be a real health miracle

The participants in the study were all either overweight, obese or insulin resistant. The subjects ate two different diet plans during the study, like this Biomedical Research Center communicates.

beans white potatoes meat or fish
Peas meat or fish
meat or fish vegetables
vegetables and fruit fruit
Quelle: Biomedical Research Center

Depending on the diet, around 40 percent of meat consumption was replaced by beans and peas or potatoes. “We prepared the potatoes to maximize their fiber content,” says Rebello. The health benefits of potatoes were similar to those of a peas and beans diet. The latter has already been diagnosed as having a positive effect on blood sugar levels, the writes Biomedical Research Center.

Healthy nutrition: it all depends on how the potatoes are prepared

The researchers boiled the potatoes with their skins on and then refrigerated them for between 12 and 24 hours. This should increase the dietary fiber content. According to the study, the potatoes were eaten by the subjects for lunch and dinner.

Kar © Westend61 / IMAGO

This is also praised for its high proportion of protein and potassium Federal Center for Nutrition the tuber as a healthy vegetable. The Federal Center also points out that the type of preparation is important. “On average, around 15% of vitamin C is lost when peeled potatoes are boiled, steamed or pressure-cooked.”

The center warns that potato products such as fries or chips also contain large amounts of fat. One High-fat diet can have health consequences to have. (Lucas Maier)

The tricks and information mentioned in this article cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet. Use our nutrition tips only as a supplement to an otherwise varied and healthy diet. The information in no way replaces professional advice and is not intended for independent diagnosis or treatment.

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